A few tickets are still available! Join award-winning, bestselling, local author Kate DiCamillo for a talk and book signing at SteppingStone Theatre in honor of her new book,  Louisiana’s Way Home .
Tuesday, Sept. 11, 6:30 pm
Pete Hautman, OTHERWOOD launch party!  
Saturday, Sept. 15, 9:30 am
Curiosity Day storytime with Curious George!
Monday, Sept. 17, 6:30 pm
Shannon Gibney, DREAM COUNTRY author reading & signing event!  
Saturday, Sept. 22, 10:30 am
Derek Anderson, CROC & ALLY launch party!
Pre-order the newest installment in the beloved Wimpy Kid series and receive an exclusive keychain! 

Pre-order the sequel to The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue  and  submit your receipt  to receive an exclusive digital epilogue from Monty's perspective!
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By Yuyi Morales

Beautiful, moving story of a young Dreamer, and the power books have to make her a place to belong. Incredible illustrations, and simple, powerful words that evoke the compassion in us.  — Joan (RBB Staff)
Mac Undercover (Mac B., Kid Spy #1)
By Mac Barnett, Mike Lowery (Illustrator)

A hilarious addition to the world of first chapter books, Mac Undercover is the story of author Mac Barnett's totally real past as a spy for the Queen of England. When the Crown Jewels are stolen, it's up to Mac to get them back, armed only with his one pair of perfect blue jeans, a mostly-useless corgi, a GameBoy, and a pair of night-vision sunglasses. Very funny (and secretly about a little more than spy hijinks), this is the perfect book for the budding mystery fan.    — Lily (RBB Staff)
Black Wings Beating
By Alex London

For generations, ravens, hawks, and other birds of prey have been tamed and groomed into human companions...and weapons. Twins Kylee and Brysen have spent their whole lives training in the bird business. However, Brysen runs off to the battle pits or to his boyfriend most nights, so Kylee is left to shoulder the weight of the business on her own. All she has to do is finish paying off her father's debts and then she'll be free, but when Brysen takes on an impossible task--to trap a ghost eagle in order to save his boyfriend's life--Kylee decides to follow him. On a race to the top of the mountain where the ghost eagle resides, Kylee and Brysen run into friends and foes alike, and nothing can prepare them for what they find at the end of their adventure. Readers will be begging for a sequel as soon as they turn the last page.   —Kelsie (RBB Staff)
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Opus & Olives
Sunday, Oct. 14, 5:00pm | Saint Paul RiverCentre

We are thrilled to be partnering with The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Librar y as the bookseller for their fabulous fundraiser,  Opus & Olives

Red Balloon will donate a portion of all book sales to The Friends of SPPL. Please join us in supporting our Saint Paul libraries! here
Get to Know a Bookseller in 3 Questions!
- Susan -
School Accounts Coordinator | at RBB since 1992  

1. Do you have any pets? 
We do have a three-foot tall stuffed Labrador Retriever purchased years ago from RBB. He looks so lifelike that one of my son's friends started petting him thinking he was real—he is our manor dog and is placed strategically in front of the fireplace. 

2. What's your favorite animal? 
The buffalo is my favorite, don't ask me why. They're large, a little misshapen, dignified, and soulful. 

3. Which three characters would you want to have dinner with? 
Lilly , star of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, Julius, Baby of the World , and other Kevin Henkes titles. She's spunky, funny, full of energy, and delightfully herself. 
Ferdinand , the bull...so sweet and gentle. 
Jane Eyre -- A young woman of courage and principles who forged a life for herself out of next to nothing.
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