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September 2018

Southern Methodist University
Recent Events
Our Current Exhibit
This month, the DeGolyer premiered its new exhibit, “Written in a Tropical Glow: Books, Prints and Manuscripts Describing the Biological Exploration of the New World Tropics.” 

Located in the Hillcrest Foundation Exhibit Hall, “Tropical Glow examines the work of naturalists exploring Central and South America from the 15 th through the 19 th century. The exhibit includes materials from the DeGolyer as well as the private collection of guest curator Tom Taylor.
“Tropical Glow” runs September 27th to December 14th, 2018. 
In the Texana Room
On September 27th, we had the pleasure of hosting a lecture by "Written in a Tropical Glow" curator Tom Taylor.

Tom's presentation, "My Imaginary Friends," explored his long career as a book collector and dealer, and marked the opening of his curated exhibit, "Tropical Glow," which features highlights from his private collection. We want to thank Tom for his witty and thoughtful talk, as well as thank all who attended.
New Publications
From the DeGolyer Library
We're thrilled to announce that our latest title, Written in a Tropical Glow, is now available to purchase. Written by curator Tom Taylor to accompany his exhibit, Tropical Glow is both an impressive work of scholarship, and a beautiful example of bookmaking.

Contact Terre Heydari to order your copy  | 214-768-3637
Latest Blog Post
Click here to read our latest blog post on Jack Kilby and the invention of the microchip at Texas Instruments, which allowed for the creation of many things we all rely on every day, including the hand-held calculator, the electronic watch, the mobile phone, and the digital camera.

Spoiler alert: we don't recommend you miss vacations, but doing so sure worked out well for Kilby...
Staff spotlight
Samantha Dodd
Curator, Archives of Women of the Southwest
Samantha Dodd is the inaugural full time Curator of the Archives of Women of the Southwest. A recent addition to the DeGolyer staff, she comes to us from the University of Texas at Arlington, where she served as the special collections archivist. Prior to that, she was an archivist with the Dallas Historical Society. 

Samantha holds a BA in history from the University of Texas at Arlington, an MA in history from the University of Texas at Dallas, and an MLIS from the University of North Texas. Samantha is a talented musician, having performed at Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center, and is a scary movie aficionado and passionate Halloween enthusiast.
As curator, Samantha works to process, develop, and share the more than 200 collections that form the Archives of Women of the Southwest. Through letters, journals, photographs, and more, the AWSW documents the lives and experiences of the women who lived in the West and shaped its culture, laws, politics, and society, from the 19th century to the present day.

Out and About
DeGolyer at the Texas State Fair
This year’s Hall of State exhibit, "Celebrating Texas Innovation" features artifacts from the DeGolyer's Texas Instruments collection on display.

Librarian Ada Negraru carefully selected items for the exhibit, which highlight this landmark Dallas company and their numerous innovations.

DFW Archives Bazaar
DeGolyer staff will be teaming up with archivists, librarians, and curators from across the Metroplex at the DFW Archives Bazaar in Dallas Heritage Village on Sunday, October 14th, from 1-5 p.m.

Come learn about the best historical collections in North Texas, and find out how to preserve and digitize your own family history, conduct oral histories, and research using historical materials. Plus, attendees get free access to Dallas Heritage Village!

From the Stacks
Collections Highlight
An undergraduate recently visited the DeGolyer reading room to look at this incredible book from our collection.

This treatise on metallurgy and assaying was written by Lazarus Ercker in 1574, and features a beautiful contemporary vellum binding. It was written in German by Ercker, while he was living in Prague. This work brought him to the attention of Emperor Maximilian II, who named Ercker his adviser for mining affairs.

New Accessions
We recently received a bound scrapbook of photos taken in Mexico and compiled by Joseph Laughrey in 1904. The scrapbook, which is in remarkably good condition compared to other scrapbooks from the era, contains photographs of recreational activities and images of local life.

Look for it in coming months in our Prints and Photographs collection .
Newly Digitized Items
In September, 14 new oral histories conducted at the DeGolyer were added to the SMU Libraries Digital Collections.

Conducted by Dr. Jill Kelly's undergraduate 'Doing Oral History' class, these interviews feature alumni who spoke about their experiences as black students at Southern Methodist University.

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