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USDA Aiding and Abetting Cruel Puppy Mills
USDA inspectors have been ordered to falsify inspection reports.
USDA is not only conspiring with the dog breeding industry to cover up abuses at puppy mills but is also actively aiding and abetting puppy millers as they attempt to evade state and local laws. In addition, USDA is blatantly violating the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and is instructing its inspectors to falsify federal documents in order to hide substandard conditions at puppy mills. 
USDA veterinarian inspector sharing tips and tricks with breeders on how to get around the Animal Welfare Act.
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the agency responsible for enforcing the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA), is greatly disturbed by the fact that state legislators and local government officials have been enacting their own laws and regulations against puppy mills. More than 250 municipalities have now banned the sale of pet store puppies; two states, California and Maryland, have enacted statewide bans on the sales of dogs in pet stores, and seven states and several municipalities, including New York City, have imposed restrictions on pet stores to ensure that they are not sourcing dogs from inhumane breeders.

USDA believes that such state and local restrictions are seriously affecting the economic viability of the commercial dog breeding industry. In response, USDA initiated steps to enhance the image of puppy mills a few years ago by covering up violations of the AWA at puppy mills. USDA defended its actions by explaining that "we need to enable breeders to sell their dogs to pet stores...[and] citing violations is an impediment to such sales."

This past year, USDA has ramped up its efforts to conceal poor conditions at puppy mills amid mounting concerns about the continuing bad reputation of the industry. USDA is determined to paint an idyllic picture of the dog breeding industry regardless of the deplorable conditions at puppy mills and the neglect and abuse inflicted upon puppy mill dogs. In an effort to conceal violations of the federal law to protect dogs, USDA has blocked public access to inspection reports and refuses to comply with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The Agency has additionally devised new policies to keep violations from being documented on USDA inspection reports.

The Alliance has listed here the numerous policy changes that USDA has instituted to help cover up substandard conditions at dog breeding facilities.


Secretary Sonny Perdue
(202) 720-3631

Please tell Secretary Perdue to stop covering up abuses at puppy mills and conspiring with the dog breeding industry to circumvent state and local laws. Make Secretary Perdue aware of the fact that his Agency is committing gross malfeasance and criminal acts in furtherance of its practice of aiding and abetting cruel dog breeders. Insist that Secretary Perdue direct inspectors to stop falsifying federal documents and to stop concealing material facts in order to hide substandard conditions at puppy mills from public scrutiny.

Deputy Administrator Bernadette Juarez
(301) 851-2735
Deputy Administrator Juarez is the person responsible for USDA's efforts to cover up abuses in order to keep the public in the dark about neglect at puppy mills. Ms. Juarez believes that she is helping the industry by covering up for inhumane breeders. Please tell Ms. Juarez that if she sincerely wants to improve the image of the dog breeding industry, she needs to rid the industry of the bad breeders. Let her know that aiding and abetting bad breeders not only hurts the animals but blemishes the image of the entire industry.

Please speak out for the animals and help end puppy mill abuse!
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We are grateful to the staff of McNair Park Pool (St. Charles Parks & Recreation), Kirkwood Aquatic Center (Kirkwood Parks & Recreation), and Alligator's Creek Aquatic Center (O'Fallon Parks & Recreation). They really help put the "fun" in "fundraising", with half the proceeds going to the Alliance.

If you have never been to one of these events, they are truly a gift. Tasked with life's responsibilities and obligations, many find these swims to be refreshing respites for the soul. Watching dogs at play, enjoying the moment as only a dog knows how to do best, we can't help but feel almost...envious!

Dog Days of Summer may be over, but we're glad they ended with a SPLASH!

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