A note from our CEO, John Fowler

Up and down the Central Coast, students have been returning to school, and that is certainly true for PSHH residents. Adult learners are taking advantage of language and workforce development classes; 46 college students joined their classmates on 10 different state campus and one very special student has gone on to an Ivy League school.

Thanks to a generous donation from "With Love Grandma", we provided 104 backpacks and school supplies to resident youth at four of our sites. For many families, being able to afford new backpacks and much-needed supplies for the new school year can be a financial hurdle.

This semester, enriching the regular school day, lucky students at one of our San Luis Obispo properties will be learning all about coding. During the summer, a cadre of junior high school students participated in a pilot program that was expanded into a full 11-week adventure. Robots and real life problems will all be part of the exciting curriculum being offered by local experts and Cal Poly students. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting opportunities for these junior coders.
Community Garden Blooms in Morro Bay!
Residents at Ocean View Manor, a senior property, frequently requested a community garden. This spring their dream came true with help from the Resident Services Program.

"I have never gardened in my life. As a matter of fact, I filled my house with silk flowers so if I wanted to travel I just had to shut the door. Now I have a raft of bell pepper plants that are offering me babies; tomatoes of three kinds in blossom; more radishes and green onions than I know what to do with; and yesterday I planted ginger! All because the apartments I live in built a raised bed for gardens for the tenants. I thank them for a lifetime of enjoyment and the pride in eating your own foods! I thank you for the affordable place that is so beautiful!"

Shelagh Considine, Resident at Ocean View Manor in Morro Bay
Employee Highlight: Mike Hopkins, Policy Analyst

Last month Policy Analyst Michael Hopkins accompanied his father, Marc, as he underw ent an incredible journey to complete the Big Foot 200 Mile Endurance Run.

The race, which is one of the toughest endurance competitions in the world, winds 206.3 miles through southwestern Washington around Mount Saint Helens, Mount Ranier, and Mount Hood  with over 5,000 feet of ascent. Marc completed the race in 103 hours. 

Michael paced his father for 35 miles and remembers being inspired by how Marc remained positive to the very end of the race, despite traveling almost nonstop, with very little sleep. At mile 190 he even turned to Michael, smiling, and proclaimed "this is the best day of my life!"

Pride in Home Ownership
construction team

The American dream of homeownership becomes a reality!

Counting down to home ownership! After 14 months of dedication and hard work, eight families in San Miguel will receive the keys to their own front doors on September 20th!

To learn more about our home ownership program, click here.

Home Means Happiness

These beautiful art projects were created by kids who attended our summer education programs. It it clear to see that for children, home means happiness. 

Thank you for helping change the lives of these children and their families   - please help us change the lives of others!
Thank You to Our Partners!
A huge thanks to Arthur J. Gallagher & Co who donated profit sharing funds to PSHH this month.  This partner is truly giving back and is now one of our Investor Circle Members! 

Our Investor Circle is a prestigious group of financers and stakeholders who continue to invest in a community long after the ribbon cutting. Through their support of much-needed Resident Services, they help us create neighborhoods that are resilient, vibrant and strong! Learn more here.
We Are Hiring!
Make a difference in  your community and join a dynamic and energetic team.
Employee and Property Anniversaries!

Jesse Resnick - 1 year
Gillian Cole-Andrews - 1 year 
Adrianne Cortez - 1 year 
Audra McCue - 2 years
Jason Flanagan - 3 years 
Jacquelyn Meissner - 4 years 
Kenneth Trigueiro - 5 years
Juan Galvan - 7 years 
 Monica Scholl - 9 years 
Alejandra Mahoney - 11 years
The Duncan Group 
Baldomedro Martinez - 1 year 
Daisy Gutierrez - 1 year
David Landon - 5 years 
Angelina Gonzales - 1 year 
Susan Burroughs - 8 years 
Maria Serna - 9 years 

Rental Developments
 Sea Breeze 
Los Osos - 28 years
Atascadero Gardens
Atascadero - 19 years
Sequoia Apartments  Morro Bay -  17 years
College Park  
Lompoc - 4 years
Housing News from Around the Nation
The Cost of a Hot Economy in California: A Severe Housing Crisis
New California legislation may crack down on communities that have previously delayed housing construction proposals... Read more.  

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