Bees play a vital role in pollinating crops that help drive agricultural economies worldwide. With honeybee die-offs increasing in recent years, researchers are using spectroscopy techniques to monitor concentration levels of potentially harmful insecticides.  

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NIR reflectance spectroscopy offers the speed and accuracy needed to quantify soybean protein, oil and water content. Learn how NIR techniques can enable high-throughput sorting at harvest, and provide cost-efficient process feedback during soybean oil and meal production.

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From a drone-mounted spectrometer monitoring cropland, to a system that tests the authenticity of whisky and other spirits, these recent videos will give you a taste of the food and agricultural applications made possible with modular spectroscopy.  

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In this application note, we demonstrate the viability of optical O2 and pH sensors for real-time monitoring of biological parameters during red grape fermentation. Our optical sensors can be customized in probes and patches and allow non-intrusive measurements.

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While noxious additives in industrial alcohols may deter the average drinker, it may take UV-Vis absorbance spectroscopy to prevent criminals from using these untaxed liquids to reduce the cost of recreational spirits.

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Ocean Optics offers a full menu of spectrometers and accessories for applications involving food and beverage processing, authentication and packaging. Learn about absorbance of liquids, reflectance of grains and solid foods, and fluorescence to assess honey purity.

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