St. Martin's Weekly E-Newsletter
September 19, 2019
To seek God, and be Christ’s body in the world
The Parable of the Unjust Steward - Luke 16:1-13

The Story: A steward who is about to be fired for mismanagement seeks favor from debtors by reducing their debts. That way he'll be viewed in a good light by the debtors and he may be received "into their houses" upon unemployment. However, his master commends him for his shrewdness.

Is Jesus praising dishonesty?

Wealth in this world is meaningless in eternity, but what we do with it isn’t. The Lord created this world with abundance for all, and poverty is a failure of ours to ensure that the abundance sustains and grows. We are too focused on the wealth at times, and not enough on the universal dignity. It doesn’t take that much effort to rethink our place and our good fortune, as the steward discovered when he stopped his dissolute ways and began to serve his community rather than himself.

Can we do better in stepping outside of our own lives to help raise the dignity of others?

As in the case of the unjust steward, a radical change in our handling of money is required, if we are to survive the great day of accounting that is to come. Like the steward, we must use the limited time and opportunity afforded to us to escape the clutches of our greed and expend our dirty money to pursue true and incorruptible riches. So freed from our unwitting bondage to earthly wealth and delivered from the reckoning that awaits its servants, we too may one day be welcomed to the glorious feast of the kingdom.

This Week's Schedule

Saturday, September 21
1:00pm Diocesan Ladies Tea Party @ St. David's Church, Wayne

Sunday, September 22
8:00am Holy Eucharist
9:00am Choir Rehearsal
9:30am School for all ages
10:00am Holy Eucharist

Tuesday, September 24
9:30am Makin Music

Wednesday, September 25
9:30am Makin Music
12:15pm Holy Eucharist
6:00pm Upper Room @ Radnor Memorial Library
7:00pm AA St. Martin's Church
7:00pm Bible Study @ SMC
Diocesan Event
Women's Fellowship

The Diocese has planned a Ladies' Tea Party for this Saturday, September 21, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM at St. David’s Church (763 Valley Forge Rd, Wayne, PA). The cost is $10 and benefits the Diocese's female veterans moral injury project. Deb Parker plans to attend, so check with her if you'd like to join in on the fun! For more details or to purchase tickets, please go to—
Growing in Faith
Sunday School

St. Martin’s Sunday School program year starts this Sunday, September 22nd at 9:30 AM. For 2019/2020, we will start an entirely new timeline consisting of readings from the Old Testament. Plans include singing, dancing, and the acting out of scripture passages. Older children will meet in the large Sunday School room while those under 3 years of age will be with Megan in the smaller room/nursery. We look forward to praying, learning and growing in faith! Contact Deb Parker if you have questions.
The Highland Hamper

After last month's food delivery to Highland Homes, our cupboard is bare. Please help us restock by bringing in donations of non-perishable food items. For the next two weeks we will focus on peanut butter (creamy preferred) and jelly, pasta and sauce and soup (lower sodium if possible). If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our neighbors on Highland Avenue, please contact Pam Faber.
Social Media Sunday
Go Digital!

Social Media Sunday is an annual ecumenical effort held on the last Sunday of September. On the 29 th, we are invited to join Christians around the world to share our faith and evangelize the Gospel in this digital age. Please bring your “smart” devices to church – iPhone, iPad, Android, Surface, etc. Make use of them during the worship service and coffee hour to post, tweet, snap, and chat. about the goings-on at church. We encourage you to check in on Facebook, snap a selfie to post on Instagram, and/or write something that inspired you on Twitter. Point! Click! Share! #SMCgoessocial #SMS2019
Chicken Farm Initiative

Pam Faber and Deb Parker look forward to sharing exciting news about the Chicken Farm Initiative on September 29th immediately after the 10 AM service in the Gurley Room. You will meet the first farmers who were funded, and learn about the tremendous benefit to the communities up in the Nineveh Plains. 
Bible Study
September Sessions

The Bible discussion continues at St. Martin's at 7:15 PM this upcoming Wednesday, September 25th. We will meet in the large Sunday School room at the end of the first-floor hall. Books are provided, so all you need to do is to come and share from your rich experiences. Contact Deb Parker if you have questions or suggestions.
Community Fellowship
Upper Room Gatherings - NEW LOCATION!

The next Upper Room gathering is on Wednesday, September 25th at 6:00 PM in Room 3 at the Radnor Memorial Library, 114 W Wayne Ave, Wayne. The discussion question will be “What is the most compelling vision of life that pulls me into my present and future moments?” Stop in on any 2nd or 4th Wednesday for some interesting conversation and fellowship.
CCI's Centennial
Celebrate 100 Years!

You're invited to Christ Church, Ithan's
100-year Anniversary Celebration
Sunday, November 10th
10:00 AM Holy Eucharist @ CCI
with Bishop Rodney Michel
Breakfast Reception to follow

This will be the only service held at either church that day.

Please call SMC's main office at 610-688-4830 if you haven't received a
brunch invitation in the mail.
The Lectionary
Sunday's Readings can be found on the Worship page at St. Martin's website .

Jeremiah 8:18-9:1
Psalm 79:1-9
1 Timothy 2:1-7
Luke 16:1-13