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The GLOBAL STILT CONGRESS performance at Summer Feast, California August 2013

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September 2013

September in New Mexico

Over half way through The Bi Cultural Road Show and we are heading to New Mexico. Keep your eyes pealed for performances in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos and Penasco from The Carpetbag Brigade, Nemcatacoa Teatro, Verbo*Bala and Hojarasca, hosted by the National Hispanic Cultural Center  and  
Carpetbag Brigade, performing at Center Stage at Central Park, New York City
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- New Mexico Performances -
- October Schedule -
- Words and Videos about the Bi Cultural Road Show-
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
September 2013

September 9th - 21st 
We will be working with stilters associated with the National Hispanic Cultural Center to prepare our next edition of the Open Society Project which will be presented at Globalquerque on September 21st.
National Hispanic Cultural Center - 1701 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 
Costs - $10
September 15th @ 4:30pm 
National Hispanic Center - 1701 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 
Free Event Donations Suggested

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Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 2013
September 22nd @ 4pm
The Rail Yard, 740 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Free Event Donations Suggested


September 27th 

The Rail Yard, 740 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505 - Free Event

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Taos, New Mexico
September 2013

September 24th 

The Taos Mesa Brewing Company - 20 ABC Mesa Rd. - El Prado

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Penasco, New Mexico
September 2013


September 28th - Penasco, NM

Costs $15


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Where to next...
The Road show heads back to Arizona in OCTOBER
The Bi-Cultural collaborative performance 'Dios de la Adrenalina' will be present at Northern Arizona University Flagstaff on October the 2nd along with a concert from Hojarasca at the Indigenous Music Center on the 1st of October
On October 12 & 13, Nemcatacoa Teatro and VerboBala will be presenting their shows in Phoenix, Arizona at the Deer Valley Arts Center and the International Sonoran Desert Alliance.
From October 21st to November 3rd, the road show will be hosted in Tucson, Arizon by Many Mouths One Stomach and Flam Chen where we will be involves in the All Souls Procession with auxillary events in Douglas and Bisbee. More info soon!!!
Coming up in November
Landscape Reinvention Society in San Antonio, Texas 

Dios de la Adrenalina
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What is The Bi Cultural Road Show? On the surface it is the amalgamation of performances being presented by The Carpetbag Brigade, Nemcatacoa Teatro, Verbo*Bala and Hojarasca during their tour of the United States. But what is happening amongst this mix of cultures and personalities. What are the currents in this fishtank of expression? We are 20 people in an arcological embryo, hidden in the desert utopia of a visonary architect. We are harboring a theatrical research between two cultures, but in essence we simply encounter ourselves while shedding our cultural conditioning.


We wake up. We train. We condition our bodies to use stilts. We repeat actions, gestures and dances. We share weight and space and direction. We filter our improvisations seeking meaning, beauty and clarity. We argue, we misunderstand each other's intentions. We fill the container of time up with voices, movement, chaos, salt, corn starch, melting ice, dust, sweat and occaisional drops of blood. The wind drives through the arched vaults of Arcosanti, parching us dry. We count out loud and crawl, climb and fall. The days pass in a slow evolutionary process. The pressure of diminishing time builds, bending the shape of our collective organism into new orientations. Patience ebbs and flows. The puzzle of a performance reveals itself. The reward of our perseverance is finding a way to be together in the flow of time.



We are all individuals caught in the waves of our cultural identities; not something we chose, but something we were born into. As performaners, we examine those predetermined patterns through reflection and incubate a connection concocted in the forge of genuine exchange. What is underneath the cliches of the cultures we inhabit? How have the rough broadstrokes of history, economic force, colonialism and religion shaped our relationship to each other and the earth we inhabit. We are rooting through our attempts, failures, and successes to find a path that illuminates who we can be with each other, how we can be with each other and what we can be with each other. We are changing our bodies, our thoughts, our capacity for language, our perceptual sphere, our daily rhythm, our lifestyle out of a desire to transform the present moment into a visceral prayer.


Art is a vehicle. It articulates a syntax of possibility by weaving a tapestry of beauty out of culture clash and traumatic history . By threading paralell stories into a deeper context art globalizes liberation and uses resistance as a tool to deepen peace. The collective affirmation of individual experience transforms perception and creates shared values.


The Bi Cultural Road Show is building a Medicine Ark to float above and beyond the flood of boundaries and identities.


 Bi Cultural Road Show Video


Dios de la Adrenalina Process - Video

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Excited to see you in 2013!


Jay Ruby and

The Carpetbag Brigade



The Bi Cultural Road Show  is made possible by support from the NEA, The Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation and the Kenneth Rainin Foundation.

Creating both spectacle-based dramatic outdoor perormances and intimate indoor black box self devised works, the mission of The Carpetbag Brigade is to increase the quality, scope and impact of live performance culture through performer training, community outreach and aesthetic presentation. By utilizing performance art and its pedagogy as a tool to transcend language, class, and genetic heritage we seek to create bridges of understanding by sharing our craft locally and globally in diverse urban and rural settings.

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