September E-News from Viette's                    Volume 7: No. 9

Lori Jones, Editor                                                                                                September/2011

Having a beautiful lawn takes a little fall maintenance.

See below for details!

 Now is the perfect time

to get your

lawn and gardens in

tip-top condition!


Join Andre Viette and

Dr. Mike Goatley from VA Tech


The Turf and Gardening Store*


Saturday, September 10th

for a day of professional

lawn care and gardening advice.


  Learn WHEN ... WHAT ... WHY ... HOW ... 

Weed control, grub control, lawn renovation, garden makeovers, fertilizing, problem solving ...


* Richmond, VA location 

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Plant of the Month 

Sedum Autumn Fire'

Sedum 'Autumn Fire' creates a wonderful splash of color in the garden througout the late summer and fall.

Sedum -

A Four Season Perennial


A Super Perennial

The sedums as a group are among the top performing perennials in the garden. They are heat and drought tolerant, easy to grow, and spread "nicely" without becoming invasive. Their succulent foliage adds interesting texture to the perennial garden and many cultivars have foliage with brilliant fall color as an added bonus. The broad, flat flower heads of the taller varieties not only provide beautiful fall color but also remain steadfast and attractive in the garden as a wonderful winter accent. Shadows from flower heads add interest when snow is on the ground.


Diversity in Form

There are two main types of sedum - the tall forms such as the ever-popular Sedum 'Autumn Fire' and the more prostrate forms such as Sedum 'John Creech' and Sedum spurium 'Splendens' which make excellent ground covers. The low-growing species are exceedingly well suited for rock gardens and rock walls. Their attractive foliage cascades gracefully over rocks and into nooks and crannies between stones. Flowers of the taller forms undergo an amazing metamorphosis of color through the summer and fall. The large broccoli-like flower heads begin as light green buds, change to pale pink as they begin to open, transform to a deeper and deeper rose color, and finally mature to a rich bronze in the fall. Talk about a changing landscape - with just one species!

Sedum 'John Creech' is a beautiful low growing evergreen sedum.

Sedum 'John Creech' is a beautiful low growing evergreen sedum that is perfect for between stepping stones or climbing on rocks.


More color!

Color comes from more than just the flowers. Sedum foliage comes in a great variety of colors. Sedum 'John Creech' and Sedum kamschaticum are a beautiful bright green, while Sedum spurium 'Splendens', and Sedum spurium 'Bronze Carpet' have reddish foliage that becomes even richer red in the fall. The succulent jade green leaves of Sedum 'Autumn Joy' are beautiful in combination with the dusty pink flowers in late summer.

Sedum kamschaticum 'Variegatum' brightens the garden with  beautiful blooms and colorful foliage.

Sedum kamschaticum 'Variegatum' brightens the garden with beautiful blooms and colorful foliage.


Winning Combinations

Ornamental grasses make wonderful backdrops for sedums. The combination of different textures is very striking. Sedum also works well in combination with Rudbeckia (Brown-eyed Susan), Echinacea (Coneflower), Perovskia (Russian Sage), and Phlox paniculata (Summer Phlox).  Sempervivum spp. (Hens and Chicks) are a related group of plants which work very well in combination with the creeping sedums to add even more texture to the landscape. These interesting succulents can be tucked neatly into crevices in a rock wall or rock garden.

Sedum 'Vera Jamison' stands out against a background of  the  beautiful ornamental grass, Pennisetum orientale.

Sedum 'Vera Jamison' stands out against a background of the beautiful ornamental grass, Pennisetum orientale.


Sedums - you can't beat them for performance and diversity in the garden!

Just A Reminder!
Peony Gay Paree is one of Andre's favorites!

Peony 'Gay Paree'

Still Time to Order Peonies!


We will soon be digging our beautiful peonies. Many people spent time this past spring strolling through our beautiful peony display beds making lists of their favorites and placing their orders.


BUT ...

Fall is the time for digging and dividing peonies. There is still time to place an order for these beautiful plants. At Viette's, we take orders from spring through fall and dig our plants fresh for shipment or pick up in September - October. Don't miss out on this small window of opportunity for these gorgeous spring bloomers!


Click for a Photo Gallery of many of our peonies. 


You can place an order for any of these beautiful peonies by calling our toll-free number (800) 575-5538. Your peonies will be freshly hand-dug for you as nice sized (3-5 eye) bare root divisions in September through October. You can either pick them up here at the nursery or we can ship them directly to you.

Peony Jan Van Leeuwen

Peony 'Jan Van Leeuwen'

If you enjoy our newsletter, please pass it along to your gardening friends!


American Horticultural Society
American  Horticultural Society
Are you new to gardening and want to learn more?
Or a seasoned gardener, looking to deepen your involvement in
the gardening community?
   With a bi-monthly gardening magazine, webinar lecture series, seed-exchange, reciprocal admissions program, and more, we offer many opportunities to enhance your gardening experience.

It's September ... 


... the beginning of  

one of the best seasons for planting and many other gardening projects.

Why September?
  • Cooler air temperatures in September mean it is more comfortable to be outside working in the garden, but more importantly, since the blooming time is over for most plants, they will be putting all their energy into root and vegetative growth.
  • Soil temperatures will remain warm well into the fall even though the air temperature has dropped. Though some above ground growth occurs at this time of the year, most of the energy goes into promoting good strong root growth. Root growth will continue as long as the soil retains some warmth.
  • The likelihood of rain also increases in the fall of the year and cooler air temperatures mean that moisture will be retained in the soil longer because less is lost through evaporation and since photosynthesis is slowed, less is lost through the leaves.
  • Far fewer insect and disease related problems occur in the fall. Most insects have either died or have found overwintering sites and are no longer a threat to newly planted trees, shrubs, evergreens, and perennials. The same holds true for many diseases - most are in a dormant stage at this time of the year. 
What are you waiting for? Get outside during this beautiful fall weather and do some planting; create a new garden; plant a new tree or shrub. Involve the whole family!


It's a great time to be in the garden!


Tip of the Month

September Lawn Recommendations     


This month's gardening tip courtesy of The Turf and Gardening Store.


Homeowners often ask:  

"When is the best time to seed your lawn with cool season grasses like Southern Lawn Blend Turf-Type Tall Fescues?"


At The Turf and Gardening Store, our answer is:  

September 1 - October 20.


Without a doubt, this is the very best 50 day period in which to repair, spot seed, overseed, or renovated your lawn! Below are some simple steps that you can follow to greatly improve your lawn and make it the envy of the neighborhood.

  • Dandelions are common broadleaf lawn weeds.Start this project by cleaning up any broadleaf weeds with Tenacity herbicide. Tenacity is the newest herbicide available to the homeowner and will allow you to control weeds and seed your lawn in the same day!
  • Soil analysis or test
    The results of a soil analysis provide the current pH of the soil, levels of phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium plus the percentage of organic matter in the soil. Information from this analysis will provide a recommendation for the amount of lime or sulfur needed to adjust the pH level to 6.5-6.8.
  • Core aeration is next and performs three tasks.
    • creates excellent seed/soil contact sites
    • reduces compaction
    • re-inoculates the thatch layer with microbes to promote thatch break down.

Core aerate in a crisscross pattern and allow the plugs to remain on the lawn.

  • Overseed with Blue-Tag Certified Southern Lawn Blend Turf-type Tall Fescue seed.
    • Virginia Tech recommends 5 lbs/1000 sqft.

It's helpful to know the total square footage of the area(s) to be reseeded (length x width). A 10,000 sqft lawn would require 50 lbs of seed.

  • Apply a professional starter fertilizer like The Turf and Gardening Store 14-20-14 with 30% XRT slow release nitrogen, at the rate of 1 lb of nitrogen per 1000 sqft. This rate will feed the existing lawn as well as providing the needed nutrients for seed germination and root development.
  • Water thoroughly until the new grass is established... and then as needed to reduce stresses that mother nature may provide.

Please visit  to review our entire maintenance program or ask a question by clicking on the "ASK THE EXPERT" button.


Don't miss our Lawn and Garden Clinic  

for Homeowners on Saturday, September 10th!  

See details below

September Lectures and Events at Viette's! 

Wednesday, September 7th at 1:30 pm 

A beautiful fall arrangement created by Sam HarrisTransform your Summer Containers for Fall    

Sam Harris will present this timely demonstration workshop to welcome the new fall season! Now that summer is winding down, it's time to add some fall pizazz to your beautiful summer containers. Come to this great workshop and watch Sam completely transform some of Andre's summer containers into fabulous displays of color that will carry them all the way through the fall season. Learn about plants that enjoy cool nights and will bring color to your fall containers. Learn some of Sam's secrets to planting a spectacular container, including planting mums "laying down" and other tricks of the trade! You won't want to miss this great workshop!  Free lecture


Saturday, September 10 at 1:30 pm  

September garden at Viette'sThe Garden in Fall 

If you think that just because it's September, the "flower show" is over, think again! You won't believe how many plants are still looking great and how much color there still is in the garden. Plan for fall color through foliage, flowers, and berries. Use ornamental grasses and hardy mums to give a real feeling of fall. Let us introduce you to some other wonderful fall blooming perennials and add a little color to your life this fall!  Free lecture  


Saturday, September 17 at 1:30 pm 

Beautiful hybrid daffodils are a welcome sight in spring!All You Ever Wanted to Know About Daffodils 

Once again, we are lucky enough to have bulb experts Ross Hotchkiss and Glenna Graves back to the farm this fall for this fun and informative seminar! Ross is the current President of the Virginia Daffodil Society and Mid-Atlantic Director on the Board of the American Daffodil Society. Glenna is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Daffodil Society and accredited show judge with the ADS. Ross and Glenna will combine talents to present an interesting and informative seminar. They will cover many topics relating to bulbs including a brief history of bulbs, how to choose the best bulbs, how to plant for optimal success, and how to lift and divide bulbs correctly. Learn how to plant many bulbs quickly and effectively. They will also discuss how best to lift and separate daffodils in the garden.    

Each registrant will receive 3-4 complimentary daffodil bulbs.


Please pre-register by calling 800-575-5538;  

$10 fee, two for $15


Saturday, September 24; 1:30 pm  

Mark Viette digging Liriope during his propagation seminar.Techniques of Plant Propagation  

A wonderful fall hands-on workshop. Plant propagation is an exciting, self-satisfying, and money saving activity! Learn how to landscape your property using your own plants. Mark will teach you the best methods for many different plants including techniques of dividing, taking cuttings, layering, and seeding. Take home loads of plant divisions! A propagating demonstration tour is included.  

Please pre-register by calling 800-575-5538;  

$30 fee, two for $40


Upcoming Appearances! 

Andre  VietteLawnSaturday, September 10th


Lawn and Garden Clinic for Homeowners  


The Turf and Gardening Store

Richmond, VA (near Short Pump) 


Join Andre Viette and Dr. Mike Goatley (Virginia Tech) at the Turf and Gardening Store in Richmond for this incredible lawn and garden extravaganza. Learn WHEN, WHAT, WHY, HOW ... 

  • 9:00-11:00am - Dr. Goatley will discuss fall lawn care and renovation with a question and answer session. 
  • 12:00-2:00 - Andre will discuss his great gardening tips for having beautiful gardens. A question and answer session will also be included.  
  • Enter a drawing for a free Viette hybrid daylily. 

Click here for more information about this wonderful and educational event. Get professional advice and professional products at The Turf and Gardening Store



American Horticultural Society

Saturday, September 24th

18th Annual AHS Gala,  

     River Farm, Alexandria, VA 


Andre and Claire Viette are honored to be selected as the Honorary Co-Chairs of this wonderful event which will benefit the stewardship of River Farm and the American Horticultural Society's outreach and educational programs. 

Click here for more information   


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