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The first week of September went by in a blur, but hopefully you've had a chance to catch your breath. We're so happy to welcome the new season, all our new September families, and our new Early Childhood Educator, Jayme Ross. There's a lot of newness around here, and to make sure the Buddings team is all on the same page, we'll be closing a bit early (at 5pm) on Wednesday, Sept. 11, for our first team meeting. 
This week, the BLOOM Program returns and we're happy to welcome all the Blooming Buddies! Johanna and the kids are starting the Fall Season with an exploration of Our Bodies and will be back on the blog with their adventures. We've also reconfigured our art distribution system, and found a new home for the Left and Found. Next time you're looking for the lids to your tupperware, be sure to check in with us! We have lots of extras. 

The blue blue skies, and colouring leaves are sure signs that the seasons are changing. We've fallen in love with fall. How could you not?


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Welcome, Jayme!
Early Closing - Sept. 11, 2013
Still thinking about BLOOM?
Holy Art!
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Welcome, Jayme! 


Next time you're at Buddings, take a moment to find our lovely new educator, and introduce yourself. Her name is Jayme Ross, and she's a licensed ECE, with her certificate for Infants and Toddlers. Especially toddlers. She has lot of experience with this age-group, which is great, because at Buddings, we have lots and lots of toddlers. 
She's also an experienced writer, and we're hoping she'll be contributing to our blog as well. How lucky are we?? We'll keep you posted.
Buddings Closing at 5pm - Sept. 11, 2013


The newest member of the Buddings team has just arrived in Vancouver, and we want to give her a warm welcome! Luckily, the fall weather is beautiful, and Wednesday is supposed to be sunny and 29 degrees! This calls for a... field trip!

On Wednesday Sept. 11, Buddings will be closing at 5pm, and we'll be taking our first team meeting beach-side. What better way to welcome someone to our beautiful city? Once we've gotten to know her a bit better, we'll post her staff bio, and a blog interview for you next week.
If you haven't already seen it, Buddings has a Google Calendar that you can bookmark to keep track of the month at Buddings. Staff meetings, weekly snacks, holidays, and all our events are always posted, and if you'd like us to add something, just email Talia.  

Still Spaces Available in the BLOOM for 3 - 5s Fall Program!


The BLOOM Program kids are getting to know each other this week, and there is still a spot waiting for your little buddy to join us for the Fall Season (September - November).

BLOOM is a specially coordinated program of activities for 3 - 5 year olds, running Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 - 4pm. The cost for the program is $660, for 40 hours of care per month, and participating families get an average of four additional hours every week for flexible, anytime scheduling. Find all the details on the BLOOM page of our website.

If your child will be three by the end of November, you can register them for our fall season by contacting Talia for a handbook and payment options. A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot for the 3-month term. 

Holy Art!  
The August art got away from us and we ended up with a month's worth of paintings waiting til
Art Pick Up month's end to be rolled. The kids really love art! And we know you'll love to see it. 
So, when you're picking up your child this month, we'lll be directing you to the art table inside the playroom. 

Check the box for paintings and sparkle parties, and if you see your child's name on a dry, hanging painting, feel free to roll it up and take it home. 
And, ahem... if you've come up with a cool idea for what to do with all this art... people have been asking. Why not share your insights on our Facebook Page this week? 
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