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Pain Awareness Month starts now!

Daily video stories from real people with pain. Giveaways and a social media challenge. Weekly educational events. Downloadable toolkit with resources and information. Proclamations, Shine Blue for Pain, and Wear Blue Days. There are so many way to get involved!
In this issue:
Video storyathon kicks off | Introducing our 2019 Pain Awareness Month sponsor, Thrive Tape | Ask the editor of National Pain Report | This week's giveaways| U.S. Pain spearheads joint letter to Senate HELP Committee | Representatives share their stories at FDA listening session on osteoarthritis | and more.
Video storyathon kicks off

In August, we put out the call for 3-5 minute video stories from real people with pain. Each day in September, we're sharing one of those videos.  Read more.
Introducing our 2019 sponsor, Thrive Tape

U.S. Pain is grateful to its Pain Awareness Month sponsor, Thrive Tape, creator of a far-infrared kinesiology tape. Thrive Tape is also offering a discount on its tape with the code "USPAIN."  Read more.
Ask the editor of National Pain Report

Join us Sept. 5 for a Q&A with Ed Coghlan, editor of the leading source for pain news: National Pain Report. Ed will talk about how to share your story and how to bring more attention to pain in public forums.  Register now.
This week's giveaways

Follow us on social media to take part in our daily social media challenge, featuring weekly giveaways! This week you can enter to win kinesiology tape from our sponsor, Thrive Tape, or a new book, Taming Chronic Pain Read more.
Update your profile picture with our custom frame

Spread the word about #LetsTalkAboutPain! Update your profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter with our custom Pain Awareness Month frame.  Update now.
U.S. Pain spearheads joint letter to Senate HELP committee

U.S. Pain led 24 organizations in sending a joint letter to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, requesting a hearing on the findings of a federal task force on pain management.  Read more.
Representatives share their stories at FDA listening session on osteoarthritis

U.S. Pain arranged for three patients with osteoarthritis to participate in an Aug. 7 listening session with officials from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  Read more.
Pain Warrior(s) of the Month:
Osteoarthritis advocates

This month, U.S. Pain is honoring the strength of three individuals who courageously shared intimate details of their experiences with osteoarthritis (OA) with senior officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this August.

Rebecca Kavanaugh Stubbles, of Florida, is a retired nurse with over 35 years of experience working in hospitals. Despite her diagnosis of OA, chronic kidney disease, and other conditions, Rebecca sees the value in using her voice to educate policymakers and hopes her advocacy will lead to more research and new treatment options for the population she represents. 
Robert "Bob" Boehler, of Texas, recently retired from teaching and coaching high schoolers. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Cindy (who also attended the listening session), two sons and his daughter. During his pain journey, Bob has overcome procedures to correct various injuries endured from college basketball, as well as surgeries and hospitalizations for OA and comorbid conditions. Through trial and error, Bob has found relief in complementary and alternative pain care therapies, specifically through the help of an acupuncturist/master herbalist.
Kelly Lewis, of Maryland, was diagnosed with OA at an early age (27) and has courageously faced mobility challenges, surgical recoveries, and additional chronic diagnoses. A supporter of physical therapy, Kelly also utilizes warm water therapy to manage her pain levels. Kelly offered her personal pain journey in an effort to educate FDA officials that there are unique challenges for OA patients who live with multiple conditions and who were diagnosed at a young age. 
Thank you for your advocacy!

U.S. Pain in the news

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Upcoming events
  • Sept. 2: Support group meeting (weekly) - Pascua Yaqui Tribe in Tucson, AZ 
  • Sept. 3-6: U.S. Pain booth at PAIN Week in Las Vegas, NV
  • Sept. 4: Support group meetings in Tucson, AZ and Bellingham, WA
  • Sept. 5: "Talking publicly about pain: A Q&A with Ed Coghlan of National Pain Report," afternoon Pain Connection Live conference call support group, and a support group meeting in Pell, AL
  • Sept. 7: U.S. Pain booth at Spina Bifida Event in Walnut Creek, CA
  • Sept. 9: Support group meetings in Rockville, MD, and Madison, WI
  • Sept. 10: "Expression and movement: A dance class for chronic pain,"  and support group meetings in Concord, NH, and Detroit, MI
  • Sept. 11: Support group meeting in Thousand Oaks, CA
  • Sept. 12: Evening Pain Connection Live conference call support group and support group meeting in Ashland, OR
  • Sept. 13: Shine Blue for Pain, and support group meetings in Arlington, MA, San Francisco, CA, Oakhurst, NJ, and Ashland, OH
  • Sept. 14: U.S. Pain booth at Town Day & Community Fair in Arlington, MA
  • Sept. 17:  "Becoming Incurable: A Q&A with Film Director Victoria Suan"
  • Sept. 18: Pain Awareness Month event at North Providence Library, RI, and support group meetings in Sacramento, CA, Middletown, CT, and Bellingham, WA
  • Sept. 18-21: U.S. Pain booth at American Society for Pain Management Nursing conference
  • Sept. 19: Evening Pain Connection Live conference call support group
  • Sept. 25: "Your story has power: Tips for advocating for change with Cindy Steinberg and Shaina Smith"
  • Sept. 26: Afternoon Pain Connection Live conference call support group
  • Sept. 27: Wear Blue Day and a support group meeting in San Francisco, CA
  • Sept. 28: Saturday Pain Connection Live conference call support group
For full details about this month's events, including times and locations, 
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