September Calendar for Children and Families

September 6

September 8
Third Grade Bible Presentation 

September 10 - October 1

September 11 *new date*

September 21

September 22

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October 10

October 23
Trunk or Treat

Come Alive
Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MOMS) Fall Study
Begins Friday, September 6
9:15 - 11:15
Parish Center Rooms 112-113

MOMS will meet each week to watch and discuss a clip from Backs Against the Wall, a film about the life and work of Howard Thurman. This series will complement the church's focus on service this fall.  

Howard Thurman was a civil rights leader, a pastor, a teacher, and an author. He met with Mahatma Gandhi and was a spiritual adviser to Martin Luther King, Jr.  This quote is attributed to Howard Thurman:  "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you c ome alive and then go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Childcare is available during MOMS meetings, for children four months to five years old with reservation to Nursery Director Jennifer DyRycker no later than 2:00 pm the day before each MOMS meeting. You'll often find younger babies with with their moms at meetings.  

Newcomers and friends are always welcome.  Please contact MOMS coordinator Rebecca Bergson with questions.       

Third Grade Bible Presentation
September 8
9:00 Traditional Worship

Christ Church is pleased to present personalized, leather-bound NRSV bibles to our third graders again this year! This gift is intended to become a lifelong treasure - God's word to guide our children both inside and outside the walls of our church, as well as a tangible symbol of our community's investment in their faith formation.

Participating third graders (those who have completed the online personalization form), please arrive to worship on Sunday and check in with Catherine Montgomery no later than 8:45.  The children will sit in a designated section in the north transept (left side as you face the altar), and will join their families in their seats after the presentation.  

Third graders, please plan to stay for Sunday School after the service, for a special lesson with Rev. Remington Slone in your usual room (Blacker Hall, 211).

IMPORTANT: If you had planned to participate in the presentation but you will not be present due to the evacuation, please let us know before Sunday.  Your bible will be available for pickup at a later time. Thank you!

BEing Together Couples Series
Four Tuesdays beginning September 10th
6:30 - 8:30 pm

This four week series for couples is designed to strengthen relationships and to support better communication and connection in ways that are healthy and caring. Tyler and Bridgett Vadeboncoeur are gifted facilitators who lead workshops locally and across the country. This experiential class includes guided activities and partner time to practice skills in a comfortable, confidential environment. Please contact Bridgett with any questions. 

Children's Choir Orientations
Wednesday, September 11th *new date*

*Orientations were scheduled for Wednesday, September 4th, but have been postponed due to Hurricane Dorian.  

We are thrilled to welcome Stephanie Bennie as the new leader of our Voices of Praise Choir, Children's Choir, and Youth Choir!  Stephanie will meet with all interested children and their parents for orientations before kicking off the choir year.  Come check it out!  Newcomers are welcome! 

The orientation times will match the rehearsal dates, to begin on Wednesdays after the orientation:

4:15 pm - 4:45 pm - Voices of Praise, Age 3 - K

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm - Children's Choir Grades 1-3

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - Youth Choir, Grades 4-8

Families who participate in children's choirs often enjoy making Wednesday parish dinner a part of their weekly routine.  Wednesday dinners are fun and affordable, and always include a kid-friendly option. Our wonderful nursery is available on Wednesdays for little ones (age four months - 5 years).  

Middle school students who participate in the Youth Choir may choose to include Christ Church Youth Ministry's Homework & Hangs program (5-6 pm in the Youth House) and dinner (which begins at 6:00) into their Wednesday evening routine.

"Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises."  -  Psalm 98:4

CEC Day of Service
September 21

Join us for a parish-wide DAY OF SERVICE on Saturday, September 21. There are opportunities for ages 10 to 110 to serve by working on projects with several of our outreach partners, or on the Christ Church campus.  Projects include The Sulzbacher Center, Beaches Habitat for Humanity, BEAM, St. Mary's, Foster Closet, and more!    

Spiritual Beginnings: Baptism Preparation Class
September 22
10:15 - 11:00
The Cooper Chapel

When should my child be baptized?  What happens in baptism? How should I choose godparents or sponsors, and what exactly am I asking them to do? These questions and more are explored in the baptism preparation class, Spiritual Beginnings. Baptism participants are expected to attend one Spiritual Beginnings class prior to baptism. This class is also open to anyone who would like to learn more about baptism in general. 

Sunday School
Christian formation for Children Age 3 - 5th grade
Sundays, 10:15 - 11:00
Blacker Hall, Second Floor

Children are welcome to join us at any time during the year, as they are able.  Parents usually attend the Village Small Group for Parents or the Clergy Forum during the Sunday School "hour." 

Newcomers and visitors are always welcome. 

Primary Godly Play A
Age 3 (before 8/18/2019 fully potty trained) through Pre-K 4
Blacker Hall - Room 216

Primary Godly Play B
Pre-K 5 and Kindergarten
Blacker Hall - Room 215

September 1: The Holy Bible
The story presents the Bible itself, where the Church's story comes from. The stories of the Old Testament and the New Testament were first an oral tradition, sometimes told around campfires in the desert or in people's homes. Then, the stories were written down on soft leather, papyrus, and finally on paper. When the printing press was invented, the collection of books became a single book.

September 8: Creation
We begin to trace the elusive presence of God in the story of God's people. We begin to play hide-and-seek with the Holy One and ask, "What can we know of the Giver by the gift of creation?"

September 15: The Flood and the Ark
With the People of God, we move from the story of creation to the re-creation and God's promise to Noah, to God's family, and to us. 

September 22: The Great Family
The people living around Abraham and Sarah believed that there were many gods embedded in nature.  This meant that God had to be "here" or "there."  Abraham and his family believed that God was everywhere.  They were not sure of this, but they put their faith in God's promises and found them to be true.

September 29: The Exodus
The story of God's people as they journeyed from slavery into freedom through the water.  The people of God have looked back to this time to sustain them when God is hidden and they feel lost. 

Intermediate Godly Play C
1st Grade
Blacker Hall - Room 205

Intermediate Godly Play D
2nd Grade
Blacker Hall - Room 206
September 1: Creation

September 8: The Falling Apart
The story of Adam-Eve and how they "fell apart" from God, from each other, from God's creation, and from the image of God in their deep selves.  We learn how these relationships were restored.

September 15: The Great Family

September 22: The Exodus

September 29: Moses
The larger story of Moses, including his rescue from the river as a baby, the burning bush, the exodus, the golden calf, the ten commandments, and the ark of the covenant.  The story enriches and deepens understanding of the previous stories.  

Weaving God's Promises
BH 211: Weaving God's Promises - 3rd Grade
BH 213: Weaving God's Promises - 4th Grade
BH 212: Weaving God's Promises - 5th Grade

This Episcopal curriculum is organized in a three year cycle - Weaving Our Faith, Weaving Together the Family of God, and Weaving God's Beloved Community. Drawing from the best of both Godly Play and Youth Ministry, these in-between years will be rich with learning, holy conversation, prayer, community, fun, and of course, love.

This year is Weaving Together the Family of God, for children in all three upper elementary grades. As we experience stories from the Old and New Testaments, we'll explore how we became God's people and part of the household of God, the Communion of Saints. We'll discuss matters of identity, as we hear stories of how people have been transformed by their encounters with Jesus, and we'll learn about the saints of the church.

September 1: Jacob and Esau
Jacob cheats his brother Esau out of his inheritance from their father, Isaac.  The kids discussed what it means to be blessed, and to whom God's blessings extend.  

September 8: Jacob Meets Angels*
As Jacob is fleeing from his brother Esau, he stops to rest, and has a dream of a ladder or stairway leading to heaven, with angels  ascending and descending. Awestruck, he awakes and builds an altar to commemorate the vision and to acknowledge the holiness of the place where God was.  Years later, walking home, Jacob meets a  stranger with whom he wrestles until he receives a blessing. When he finally meets Esau after many years apart, Jacob is astounded to find that Esau forgives him.  The kids will explore themes of guilt, remorse, confession, and forgiveness.  

*Third grade will instead have a special lesson about their new bibles with Rev. Remington Slone.

September 15: Joseph's Story
Joseph is betrayed by his eleven brothers because of their jealousy.  The kids will discuss themes of despair and hope, and trust in God's providential grace.  

September 22: Joseph, Ruler in Egypt
Joseph rises to power in Egypt, as his wisdom saves the people from famine. But he gives glory to God, not to himself, and rules to serve others, not to dominate them.  The kids will discuss themes of humility, compassion, and reconciliation.

September 29: Moses, Agent of Deliverance
God calls a reluctant Moses out of complacency into action -- to free his people from oppression and injustice. The kids will talk about how we likewise are called to freedom - for ourselves and for others.


Village Small Group for Parents
Sundays, 10:15 - 11:00
Parish Center Rooms 112-113

The Village Small Group for Parents provides a self-led space for fellowship, support and spiritual growth. The group, coordinated by church members Melissa and Thomas Johnson, chooses their own content (book studies, parenting topics, conversation starters, or just a place to connect and talk freely).   Parents come alone or with partners/spouses, and newcomers are always welcome!  

For more information or to be added to the Village email list, please contact Melissa Johnson.  

Family Volunteer Opportunity
Wednesday Night Church Suppers, 6:00 pm
Parish Center Dining Room

Families at Christ Church ask us all the time how they can serve others together, hoping to give back and instill a spirit of generosity in their children. Serving dinner on Wednesday evenings in our parish hall is a great way to do just that, and Chef Vanessa makes it easy! If your child is tall enough to see over the chafing dish, that's old enough to help! 

Wednesday night suppers provide a great break in the week, and a chance to connect with friends. Chef Vanessa and a volunteer crew prepare and serve dinner most Wednesdays. There's always a kid-friendly option and you can't beat the price -- $5 per child, $7 per adult, $25 family maximum. All ages are welcome, and the nursery is also open if little ones need extra care or entertainment (four months - kindergarten).

September Menu

September 4th
Closed due to the hurricane

September 11th
Shrimp/Chicken with Rice
Chicken Tenders for kids
September 18th
Harvest Chicken
Cheeseburgers for kids
September 25th
Meatball Subs
Spaghetti for kids

Family Ministry speaker Kate Ott, author of Sex + Faith
October 10th
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Contemporary Worship Space

Talking with your child about sex can be difficult, even scary! Sex + Faith helps parents incorporate their faith values with sexuality information so they can answer questions, discuss sexuality at each stage of childhood, and show support of sexual and gender differences. In an engaging format, Dr. Ott will address how faith relates to sexuality and the essential role parents play in forming sexually healthy and faithful children. You will learn how to have age appropriate conversations with your child from infancy through high school, get answers to questions children tend to have, and address relevant Biblical and faith stories helpful to discuss with children of that age, including key educational issues for parents to keep in mind.  

This program, which is free and open to the public, is for parents, adults who work with children and youth, and all who see themselves as stakeholders in the lives of young people. Nursery care is available for children age four months - five years old with a reservation. 

Dr. Kate Ott is a Christian ethicist addressing the formation of moral communities with specializations in technology, youth and young adults, sexuality, pedagogy and professional ethics. Her newest book is Life Enhancing Settings: The Technology and Ethics of Everyday Living. Her other books include: Sex + Faith: Talking with Your Child from Birth to Adolescence and two co-edited volumes in addition to multiple book chapters and articles. She lectures and leads workshops across North America on sexuality and technology issues related to faith formation for teens, young adults, parents, and religious educators and professionals. She is Associate Professor of Christian Social Ethics at Drew University Theological School in Madison, NJ.

For more information about family life at Christ Church contact:

Catherine Montgomery
Director of Children's Christian Formation and Family Ministries
(904) 285-7390 ext. 227 - office
(904) 878-3357 - cell
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 I want their hearts to be encouraged and united in love, so that they may have all the riches of assured understanding  and have the knowledge of God's mystery, that is, Christ himself,  in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.
Colossians 2:2-3 (NRSV)