September 2015

Did you get an email from about upcoming important technical updates?  
Did you get an email recently from about upcoming security and other technical changes?

Please note there is nothing you need to do. We will be making the changes on our end on your behalf. 

We will keep you updated as things progress. 
Have a batchin' timebatch
You can make your job so much easier when you run your daily sales report.

Set up your to batch out at the same time you run your report so they will be easier to reconcile.

Learn more here.

Another quick poll about pollmobile devices 
Last month, we asked if you read the newsletter on a mobile device. But after thinking about it, we realized that you may read it in the office on a desktop or laptop, but you might enjoy reading it on your tablet or phone if it was mobile-friendlier.

Please update your Wintix on a regular basis!wintixupdate
It is crucial that you update Wintix on all workstations at least once a month.
  • Make updating a recurring event on your calendar.
  • To update Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix and click the "Download update" button.
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EMV credit card terminals and why the world is not emv2going to end
NOTE: On Oct. 1, 2015 merchants who don't use EMV compliant terminals for card-present transactions will be liable for any fraudulent charges.

This week, we attended a webinar presented by Scansource about the upcoming changes and have posted an analysis on our Help Desk (see link at the end of this article). The webinar was recorded. If you wish to view it, we'll send you the link. Just email [email protected].
So, what does the change to EMV mean for you?

EMV terminals represent a change in the way things are done. Card issuers are starting to take security seriously. There will be advantages but mostly for the card issuers. The hardware suppliers will be happy selling the new terminals. Banks will be able to start doing their own processing again. They no longer need to use gateways (like Mail order and telephone order transactions can also be handled by the terminals. EMV terminals will keep alternative payment systems (Apple Pay, Square, and Bitcoin) within their systems.

What to do if you or your patron's ISP is blocking emailisp
Are you or your online patrons not getting Webtix email receipts? The problem could be that an ISP or mail server is blocking the emails.

We actually learned that when some of our Wintix users didn't receive their newsletter.

We use Constant Contact as our email program and they directed us to a webpage with sample letters you can send to the blocking ISP to solve the issue. Though they specifically mention Constant Contact, you can revise them to fit your needs.

Click here to see the sample letters and article.
Notify us if you have a new transaction keykey
If your Webtix patrons get the following error (99), please notify us immediately.

We get notified occasionally about this error. What happens is our Webtix rental clients will either on purpose, or inadvertently, go into their settings and generate a new transaction key.

If this happens to you, contact us so we can input the new transaction key into your Webtix shopping cart. Otherwise, your online patrons will see the error 99 and won't be able to purchase tickets.

Read more about error code 99.