onsaleTell 'em exactly when tickets will go on sale online

You've got a hot show or event coming up and everyone is excited. Tickets aren't on sale yet, but you want to capture and enhance that excitement by including a mention on your Webtix site. 

We have a way for you to display the exact date and time on your Webtix event page so patrons know precisely when to come back and buy tickets. No vague, ambiguous "coming soon" messages for our star clients!

Pickleville Playhouse's "Shootout at Shadow Mountain" is a live stream hit

Click on the poster above to watch a short video about the play

It's not just big opera and Broadway-type companies who are expanding and serving their audience by offering live streaming of their events. You might be inspired to think about it yourself after you read about how one Wintix/Webtix user created a hit with "Shootout at Shadow Mountain." 

Pickleville Playhouse in North Logan, Utah recently live streamed their original musical melodrama by writer/directorTJ Davis. Not only could people at home stream it live while it was being performed but they and their friends could also watch from their computer or TV all weekend long. 

"This was a unique situation where we had an actor/character stepping into a show who hadn't been with the show all season," said TJ Davis, Pickleville writer/director,. "We knew we wouldn't have nearly the capacity for the amount of people who would want to watch it, so we decided to set this up. We learned a ton and hopefully we can figure out a way to implement it into our future projects!"

The theatre was able to track viewers, but doesn't have a total streaming audience count because ticket-buyers probably also had friends and family watching, too. One can only imagine how patrons might have hosted "watch parties" like fans do with the Oscars or popular fare like Game of Thrones, complete with themed food and beverages and costumes, to boot! 

Pickleville Playhouse is a family affair. Started by the family, owned by TJ's mom, and run by TJ, his brother and his sister, the theatre has been providing family entertainment for more than 40 years. 

"Shootout at Shadow Mountain" is available for licensing. Contact TJ@picklevilleplayhouse.com for information.

If people want to buy a copy of the streamed video, it's available here  for a limited time ($20).
 pointYour Wintix won't update if you don't point it in the right direction

If you are using Wintix 6, the program automatically updates with any changes or improvements our programming team completes. However, to update, the path in your Wintix desktop icon needs to be pointed at C:\Wintix6\startwintix6.exe. 

Your Wintix icon is pointing to the correct target, right? Right?

Please note we are no longer updating Wintix 5 as our development team is focusing on Wintix 6 and future versions. Contact info@centerstage.com for information about upgrading to Wintix 6. 
searchLooking for some information at the Help Desk?

There is a library of information and tutorials at the Help Desk about Wintix and Webtix. But how do you find what you are looking for? There are are some great tips on the best ways to search on the home page of the Help Desk .

If you are looking for a phrase, put the words in quotation marks. For example, "sales report." If you type the words in the search box with no quotation marks, the Help Desk will find everything for the word "sales" and for the word "report." If the term is in quotation marks, it will only search for those exact words in that order.

dateDoes your Wintix 6 display the date below?

If not, click on the  Download update button. If your build doesn't automatically update, please contact our support at 831-920-1254 or  support@centerstage.com.  When you open Wintix 6 first thing in the morning, it should automatically update. 

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