Make sure your sales aren't out of balance balance

Uh oh! You've run your Daily Sales Report, as you should each day, but it says you are out of balance.

Now what?

Running an out of balance report will help you easily find those transactions that need correction.

The report includes a several options to help you get just the right information you need, too. You can:
  • Run the report by a single performance
  • Run the report by the run of show
  • Print to the "screen," and get a convenient summary that gives you all the details of the transaction on one form.
  • In Wintix 6, you can also "browse" the report and click a link to go directly into each sales transaction.
Now, we know that box offices can be busy places and you may occasionally get a bit behind on your Daily Sales Report. Run an Out of Balance report for those unaccounted for days to quickly determine important needed corrections.
Learn and freshen up your basic Wintix skills on the Help Desktutorial

It's tutorial time! The Center Stage Software Help Desk is an incredibly valuable tool to help you with Wintix and Webtix operations.

Let's begin with the Wintix User Tutorial. You can click directly to it from the top nav bar on the Help Desk.

If you think of it in terms of tools you might use at home, the Wintix User Tutorial is like your screwdriver set. It can help you simply accomplish most of the everyday tasks around the house - or the box office, in this case.

It's also a good idea to take a look at the posts to compare them to how you do everyday tasks - you might learn a new and more efficient or effective way of doing things. 

Since there are two versions of Wintix being used right now (versions 5 and 6), most of the tutorials have one each for each version of Wintix. 

The topics covered are: 
  • Adding and editing shows
  • Selling regular and season tickets
  • Sales records
  • Backing up your data
  • Important daily sales reports and 
  • Making sure your printer is set up correctly as the default.
Class dismissed!
Let's talk ticket stock!

The ticket stock discount has almost sailed off into the sunsetsunset
The faster selling (sailing?) single stub ticket stocks have already sailed over the horizon.

But there are a few no stub and double stub tickets cruising around at 

70% off!

No stub tickets: If you don't need a stub, these give you a lot more deck space for text, logos, ads, etc. They are also great if you are consigning tickets to students and their families to sell.

Double stub tickets: These are great for raffles or if you use the one stub for the box office, one stub for the house manager, and the main part for the patron method.

No stub tickets - Solid blue
Double stub - Cloudy cranberry
and solid lavender

OH WAIT!moretix

We just found some hidden single stub solid peach and solid cranberry ticket stock! It's yours for  
60% off!

And last but not least ...newcolors

Three new BOO-TIFUL ticket stock colors just in time for Halloween!

They aren't on sale but we now have:

Cloudy Orange: A bewitching brew of pumpkin spicey jack o'lantern

Cloudy Gold: A haunting hue of full moon madness

Cloudy Lavender: A spooky shade of spine-chilling shock

Click here to order tickets
It's time to update Wintix - do we have to spell it out for you?update

     If you are on Wintix 5
  • Please go to Help | About Wintix and look at the date. It should read 5/30/18.
  • If it doesn't, click the Download update button and follow the prompts.

      If you are on Wintix 6
  • Wintix 6 automatically updates when you first click on the Wintix icon to open the program for the day. (You will see a window informing you that it is downloading an update. Follow the prompts.)
  • For Wintix 6 to automatically update, your desktop icon needs to point to startwintix6.exe.
  • To make sure, right click on your desktop Wintix 6 icon and click on Properties.
  • Make sure the Target is C:\\Wintix6\startwintix6.exe
  • If it isn't, please email support@centerstage or call 831-920-1254

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