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I have had a number of our clients this year remark to me that their lawn is looking much better this year than the last, and while this is not the case for all of our clients it is true that the majority of our lawns are looking better this year. We have made a few changes to the lawn care program to help, and I would love to take all the credit for the improvement our lawns, but the truth is that so much of what happens to turf is weather related. This is certainly the case this season. This season lacked the extremely hot and humid weather that we often get in the summer. This reduces the stress to turf greatly. Pressure from insects and disease are less with cool weather. There is less drought stress and the turf remains actively growing instead of heading into dormancy. The cool season turf grasses that we grow in our area thrive on the cooler, shorter days of Fall and Spring. This is why I can look like a lawn care hero during those months. So much of what happens in the landscape is attributed to Mother Nature!

Written by Justin White

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