A look ahead...

This month's look ahead is filled with so much joy. Working With Tiffany, Virtual Assistance & More, has accomplished a lot its goals, one was being booked to capacity in the month of August. We are now accepting new clients starting Tuesday, September 6th. We are clear on our vision and we have invested the time to develop a road map to success. There is a saying that goes, "Trust the Process." If I can encourage any of my readers today it would be with that simple phrase, "Trust the Process." As you know we are here to make that process easier and seamless as your trusted Virtual Assistant Firm. Book your discovery call here for your Bookkeeping, Marketing and Operational needs. 

All the best, 

Tiffany + Team 


We are elated to announce that our business has been nominated for an Entrepreneur and Small Business Award hosted by The Grind. The award ceremony will be held on

Sunday, November 13th, at the Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa.

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As we broaden our Social Responsibility Identity within our community, we decided to apply for the Mobile Police Academy. It is a ten week course that includes several excursions, facility tours and team exercises. We consider this program acceptance as an esteem privilege and we will keep you updated on our progress as we continue to stand in the gap!

Learn more about the Citizens' Police Academy

It's Tiffany's Birthday Month, this is what she had to say, " I am thankful for another year! I look forward to sharing some time with my family and friends. This year I want to bake my own homemade Red Velvet Birthday Cake. My husband will be the taste tester. I want to play with my 4 month old Pittie, named, "Onyx." It's the simple pleasures in life that means so much and I am so grateful to be this young and know it. Happy Birthday to me!"

Month in review

Super Saturday - Junior League

Guess what? We are Provisional Members of the Junior League of Mobile. We have the distinct honor of joining a long history of women that are lasered focus on making the Mobile the best city it can be. Here is a short video (about three minutes) of our point of point of view to being ushered into this wonderful organization. #WeAreJLM

September's Celebratory Theme:

Labor Day

The labor movement’s modern roots stretch back to the mid-nineteenth century, when workers struggled to earn fair wages and hours. In 1868, a parade was held in New York City to commemorate the efforts of the local labor movement. The city's Central Labor Union initially proposed a day off for workers, but this idea was largely ignored until widespread dissatisfaction with long work hours grew during the 1880s. In response, President Grover Cleveland signed legislation authorizing an annual holiday on the first Monday of September in 1894. It was first celebrated on September 5th of that year and has remained a national holiday every since.

Monthly Workshop Resumes in October!