Introducing ACFT's Head Honcho...

Dan Camacho

My name is Dan Camacho and I am excited to be the new Executive Director of the Alliance for Cape Fear Trees. If you’re reading this newsletter, I know that you share my passion for trees - and please know that I will work very hard to protect, preserve, and plant as many trees as possible in our beautiful city!

My wife, Lori, and I (and our two children) have lived in Wilmington for nearly twenty years. Academically, I have a BS in Marketing from Miami University, an MFA in Creative Writing from UNCW, and an MBA from Northwestern University. I’ve previously worked for Chiquita, Hewlett Packard, and four Amazons (.com,, .fr, and .de). In terms of local non-profits, I’ve served on the boards of the Residents of Old Wilmington, the Historic Wilmington Foundation, Island Montessori School, and the Bellamy Mansion. I grew up in a forest and always do my best thinking surrounded by trees.

The unassuming tree you see towering above me in this picture is a Long Leaf Pine in the Boyd Tract of Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve near Southern Pines, NC. The Boyd Tract contains a section of old growth forest and this Long Leaf is purportedly one of the oldest in the world (it’s been dated to 1548 - making it 475 years old)!

Looking for a reason to Replace Your Bradford Pear Trees?

We have four great ones that will urge you to participate in the NC Bradford Pear Bounty Program!

Bradford Pear Trees are invasive.

They're structurally weak (and annoying).

They're stinky.

We have plenty of beneficial, native look-alikes.

Native trees are beneficial for our ecosystems, allowing other native species to flourish. Cut down your Bradford pear trees and get up to five free native trees!

Homeowners who remove this invasive species and provide proof of removal will be eligible to receive up to 5 free native species replacement trees in three-gallon pots; thanks to collaboration between NC State Extension, NC Urban Forest Council, NC Forest Service, NC Wildlife Federation, City of Wilmington and Alliance for Cape Fear Trees.


  • Tree removal is the homeowner’s responsibility. Several tree care service providers are offering discounts for those participating in the program. Click here for a list of local tree care service providers who are offering discounts for those participating in the program. 
  • This is an event-based program. Participants must attend at the location and date/time of the event to pick up their trees.
  • A before and after photo must be brought to the event (i.e., a picture of the tree standing and a picture of the tree on the ground). If the tree was not flowering when cut, an additional photo with a close up of the leaves or bark is required. 
  • Replacement trees are free, native, and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Up to five (5) trees can be exchanged at a one-to-one ratio for the removal of five (5) Bradford pears. 
  • You will find the location to pick up your replacement trees when you register.


We are excited to have 38 volunteers as part of our inaugural 6-week ACFT Tree Steward Program beginning September 23rd. Upon completion of the program, they will be responsible for helping with assessing and maintaining young trees planted by ACFT. Specific details to program participants will be emailed soon. We look forward to seeing what great things they will do for the trees!

Check Your Crepe Myrtles

Crepe Myrtles are one of Wilmington's most popular trees, making up over 28% of our local tree canopy. This lack of biodiversity in our urban forest makes trees susceptible to insects that can cause parasitic infections. Losing 28% of our trees would make a major difference in our urban canopy.

Click Here for a list of native

planting alternatives

Click Here for More Information on Crepe Myrtle Bark Scale

Join Us and Volunteer for these

 Upcoming Events

The Native Plant Festival is the place to be for ACFT!

September 16th from 10:00-3:00 pm

NHC Arboretum

Make your plans to visit native plant specialists, displays, and presentations by local horticultural experts and join us for both adult and children's activities!

Volunteers are needed to assist with our table and activities. If you are able to help, please email Sherry O'Daniell at [email protected].

Fire in the Pines Festival is Back!

October 14th from 10:00-3:00 pm

Halyburton Park

Be on the lookout for ACFT's table at this popular event featuring flytraps, fire and family fun!

We need volunteers to help us frolic! Please email Sherry O'Daniell at [email protected]. for more information.

🌳🌿 Help Save Our Trees! 🌿🌳

Your donation to the Alliance for Cape Fear Trees allows us to achieve our mission of preserving, protecting, and planting trees to enhance the quality of life and health for all by distributing and planting trees free of charge to our community. As fall approaches, help us replace trees and increase our urban forest!

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