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September Sale
& Fun class offerings!
The September Sale is Friday and Sat September 13th and 14th!
Friday             September 15          2-8 pm
Saturday         September  16       11-4 pm

We bring in a ton of glass in for this sale to add to our already substantial inventory.  The selection is wonderful!  
This year All glass is 50% off! 
50% off Curious Thin Half Sheets
50% off Curious 3mm Half Sheets
50% off Top Grade Full & Half Sheets
50% off Special Production Full Sheets 
50% off 10x10s 
50% off Bullseye Accessory Glass:
  Jars of Frit, Powder, & Confetti
  Tubes of Stringer  
  Rods & Billets
30% off all Bullseye supplies -Shelf Primer, ThinFire, Shelf Paper, Glas Tac
20% off all other tools & supplies
Curious Glass is sheet glass that may have a small irregularity in size or color and is always 20% off the top grade price.
During the sale Full Sheets of Curious Bullseye Glass are 50% off the already 20% off price!

Special Production Glass includes special colors, color combinations, and patterns that are not part of Bullseye's regularly produced sheet glass. 
For the sale, we bring in multiple crates of special production glass and offer them at  50% off!
Can't make the sale dates?
As always, if you are out of town during the sale dates, ask to be added to our "after sale list".   You may shop one time at sale prices as long as it is within the month of September.  
Are you interested in helping out during our sale?  Email  fusionsglassstudio@gmail.com and let us know!
Glass Painting and Guided projects! Thursdays  
Bring a friend and join us for a fun evening of painting on glass or making beautiful plates.  
 Classes: Casting, Photographic Sandblasting, Pot melts, Pate De Verre, Screen Printing and more!

Summer Hours:
Monday-        Closed
Tuesday -      10:00 to 5:00  pm
Wednesday - 10:00 to 5:00 pm
Thursday -     10:00 to 9:00 pm
Friday -          10:00 to 5:00 pm
Saturday -     10:00 to 5:00 pm
Sunday-         11:00 to 4:00 pm

Painting with Glass projects!
Thursday Evenings 7-9 pm

        Sunset                                                                 Pansy
    $65  July 25                                                        $65 August 1      
                       New Guided Projects!
 *Weekly specials.  Come in any time during the week to make one!
*Click the link to see all projects



Casting I - $300      

3 days, 3 hours each
Mon.         Aug 5      10am - 12pm 
Wed.         Aug 7      10am - 12pm
Fri.            Aug 9      10am - 12pm

Use creative materials to carve a design to cast. Make a block model, pour a plaster mold and use billets to cast your design.

Basics 1 - $100    

3 hours
Tue.         Aug 6        1pm-4pm 

Fri.           Aug 23      1pm-4pm 

Sat.          Sept 7        9am - 12pm

Come join us for our beginning class, Basics Fusing 1.  Learn cutting, project lay-up and more.  After this class you gain access to open studio where you purchase your own supplies and can create your own artwork!
Circles, Circles, Circles! - $125
2 hours

Tues     Aug 6      10am - 12pm

Thurs    Sept 5      1-4pm

Learn to cut consistent, accurate circles.  Make one 9" bowl and one 5" bowl.

Reactions! - $125
 2 hours 
Thurs.     Aug 8     1-4pm 
Learn about reactive glass and experiment with different reactions.  Make four coasters to start your reference library!  

Full Fuse It! - $150
2 days, 2 hours each
 Tues    Aug 13   10am-12pm  
Thurs.  Aug 15   10am-12pm  
 Learn to take glass to a full fuse with no textures.  Explore tricks with the 6mm rule and working with iridescent glass. 

Sandblasting I - $125
2 hours

Friday        Aug 16      10am-12pm

Learn to blast images and fun patterns into your glass artwork.  Learn tricks with iridescent glass styles.  Make four reference coasters.

Photographic & Vector image Sandblasting - $300 
3 days, 3 hours each 
Mon         Aug 19   10am - 12pm   
Wed         Aug 21   10am - 12pm 
Fri.           Aug 23   10am - 12pm
Learn to blast awesome photographic images in glass.  We will optimize photos on the computer, develop the photo resistive film, and blast the designs.

*Prerequesite of Fusions Sandblasting I class

Stringer Fun!  $180 
2 days, 2 hours each
Tues    Aug 20     1-4pm  
Thurs  Aug 22     1-4pm
Learn 3 fantastic stringer techniques to create exciting patterns  and depth in glass.  Make 4 coasters or one 8x8 plate.

Pot Melts - $180
2 days, 2 hours each
Tues,  Aug 27    10am - 12pm
Thurs Aug 29    10am - 12pm
Learn to make creative use of your scrap pieces of glass!  These beautiful pot melts make great bowls or fun patterns to be sliced up for other projects.  

Crackle  - $125
2 hours

Friday        Sept 6      10am-12pm

Learn to create the crackle effect in glass.

Drop-out vessels  $250
3 days, 2-3 hours each
Mon      Sept 9           1-4pm
Wed      Sept 11         1-4pm
Thus     Sept 12         11am-1pm
Learn to monitor a firing and create beautiful drop-out vessels that resemble blown glass.  On day 2 you will learn to remove the rim and hand work the edges.

Metal Inclusions  $125   
1 day, 3 hours
Tuesday, September 10  1-4pm

Learn more about heat and glass.  Discover metal inclusions! Learn how certain metals with change color when fired with glass and how others can create reactions within the glass.  The science of glass is fascinating.  Make 4 coasters utilizing different metals.

Screen Printing! - $300 
3 days, 2 hours each 
Mon        Sept 16      10am -12pm  
Tues       Sept 17      10am - 12pm 
Thurs      Sept 19      10am - 12pm
Learn to create awesome photographic images in glass.  We will burn screens, print, and fire in this three-day class. 

Pate De Verre  $300
3 days, 2-3 hours each
Tues     Sept 24   10am-12pm
Wed      Sept 25   10am-12pm
Fri         Sept 27   10am-12pm
Learn to make a model, pack the model with frit and fire to create beautiful pieces that look like sugar!

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