Hello dear community

You are making a difference - but how do you stay hopeful, courageous and optimistic in such volatile times? Change is so much bigger than our little selves.

What resources, strategies, luck or gifts are supporting you these days?

Consider this quick Processwork checklist, next time you feel adrift, stuck, or hopeless:

  1. Are you believing in ALL of your experience? Harvest everything especially dreams, flirts, accidental blips, weird or irritating signals ...
  2. Do you remember that you are an essential part of the field? Your role is needed, your message is vital, your listening matters.
  3. Can you bring more curiosity to disturbing experiences? They are the mysterious, infuriating keys to change.
  4. And when you feel that YOU just cannot do it anymore … can you celebrate, just a little? Remind yourself that your process can and will go on. Let the 'YOU' in you relax, just for a moment.

Here at PWI we are getting ready to welcome a new Masters cohort (with COVID-19 adapted training methods!) and continuing to grapple with addressing feedback from people of color in our community.

PWI is committed to the work of being an antiracist institution, and our Board is leading and supporting our work and a plan of actions, preparing for more community involvement, including opportunities for dialogue and repair, and an advisory committee to guide and create accountability.

Are you looking for ways to support your Processwork learning and practice? There is a lot to get involved with over the next few months.

Invite a friend to one of our free introductory classes, join one of the Dreambody Medicine Forums or participate in the Community Meetings.

Register for classes to go deeper with your learning. And don't miss Arny and Amy's September 12th online seminar Processwork from Jung and Einstein to dreambody work and beyond...

Above all - believe in your experience and remember that you belong - this is our planet, this is our world. We can create the change we want to see.

Hellene, from all of us here at the Process Work Institute
Hellene Gronda, Executive Director
Ph.D, PW. Dipl, MA, BSc/BA(Hons) 
Hellene has a life-long interest in personal and collective change and has been inspired by Processwork for over 30 years. An experienced leader in government and nonprofit settings she values the deep optimism and courageous spirit of Processwork, and its ability to find creative and unexpected solutions to the most difficult, confusing or inexplicable challenges.
Adventures in marketing ... friends, we seek to share Processwork with more people who would love it.
With the help of our extraordinary graduate community, we are making series of short videos to capture an insight or idea that has made a difference ...

Enjoy these latest gems from Cathy Bernatt, MACF and MAPW graduate, and Julián Jaramillo Munoz, Certificate graduate and current Diploma student.
You can support PWI by viewing the videos - this helps others to find them!

Starting this Friday September 11!
Couples in Community LIVE: Real COUPLES Real TIME
with Jan Dworkin

Join this experimental social learning experience. In each session, Jan will work with one or more couples at the edges and intersections of their personal and social powers, while the group bears witness. Following each session, we explore the social relevance of the couple’s process through inner reflection and group dialogue.

Gender, Identity and Communication - Sept 11th at 10am & 4pm PDT
Money, Class & Finances - Sept 25th at 10am & 4pm PDT
Racial, Ethnic & Religious Differences - Oct 9th at 10am & 4pm PDT
Sex, Desire & Preferences - Oct 23rd at 10am & 4pm PDT

Register for each course (with access to both time options) or register for all 4 courses at a bundle rate.

More info here!
Arny in Berlin
Arny Mindell's
Case Supervision for All

Friday, September 18th
7:30 - 10:30pm PDT
Livestream and audio download options

Join Arny for Supervision: support, understanding and/or insights into your work with INDIVIDUALS, RELATIONSHIPS, OR GROUPS.

Case supervision on inner development and outer work with severe illness and near death, one to one, family, and organizational situations.

Love is the Bridge ~ Sacred Forgetting: Eldership for Memory Loss

with Stan Tomandl & Ann Jacob
September 22nd, October 13th & November 10th, 2020
Tuesdays, noon - 2pm Pacific Time
Online only - sliding scale available

“Now, forget it ~ forever!” Max Schupbach

How can we ‘forget’ even about forgetting? Navigating the altered consciousness of elder years or physical or psychic injury, with courage, acceptance, and grace. Exploring ways to lessen the fear & suffering, guilt & shame, chaos & aggression around Alzheimer’s & other dementias, senility, stroke, head injury, shock, and just plain forgetfulness. Can we use the altered consciousness of memory loss as a portal into sacred space?

The Facilitator’s “CRACKED POT” and UNIQUE STYLE

Amy Mindell

Saturday Oct 10, 2020
10:00am – 1:00pm (PDT)
Online only

Therapists, facilitators, teachers, and helpers of all kinds have learned special skills to work with others. Yet, many feel they have “imperfections” or “CRACKS” that make it difficult to (sometimes) effectively use their skills. Some of these “imperfections” include troublesome states of mind/body, learning difficulties, or other qualities that make us feel unusual.
Discover how your “imperfections” are
Doorways To Your Most Unique Facilitator Style!

Save the dates!
December 7-17, 2020

Winter Intensive Alumni Gathering
Workshops, Special Events, Networking

Come join us at a very special, COVID inspired online Intensive Reunion!

The Intensive Course in Process Work has been an annual event since 1986. Many of our graduates first met at these deep, community experiences. Many friendships were forged, professional and intimate relationships were established.

This year due to extraordinary circumstances we are offering an on-line experience to re-connect community and offer a path for more in depth Processwork learning.

We are excited to connect with participants from all over the world and to that end, we are offering two weeks of study at two different time zones. You can attend both weeks, one week or even individual sessions.

We are excited to reunite with past Intensive Course participants, although anyone who has had a beginning introduction to Processwork is warmly invited to attend. 

Workshop program curated by Dawn Menken.

Week 1: Dec. 7-10th, 10am-1pm

Monday, Dec. 7th: Childhood Dreams and Chronic Symptoms, Susan Kocen 
Tuesday, Dec. 8th: Myths, Roles and Long Term Patterns in Relationship, Dawn Menken
Wednesday, Dec. 9th: Working with Addictions, Kas Robinson
Thursday, Dec. 10th: Facilitator Style and 2nd Training, Aleksandr, Peikrishvili

Week 2: Dec. 14-17th, 3-6pm
Monday, Dec. 14th: Worldwork and Hotpots: Staying with It, Working at the Edge and Unfolding Process, Rhea
Tuesday, Dec. 15th: Facilitating Power and Oppression in Relationship, Jan Dworkin
Wednesday, Dec. 16th: Coma Work and Near-Death Experiences, Ingrid Rose
Thursday, Dec. 17th: Dreambodywork and Life Path, Jai Tomlin

More details coming soon
Processwork in Practice:
Free Introductory Online Classes
We are excited to offer free online introductory classes with PWI faculty on a variety of topics starting September 17th...

Invite your friends!

A Process Work Approach to Leadership Development
September 17th, 10-11am PDT with Dawn Menken

Working with the Inner Critic: A Demonstration and Conversation
October 1st, 5-6pm, PDT with Rhea

Anxiety During Times of Uncertainty
October 15th, 10-11am PDT with Ingrid Rose

The Uninvited Guest: Creatively Hosting Chronic Symptom Challenges
November 5th, 5-6pm PST with Suzette

Leading and Following Facilitator’s Experience as an Invitation to Awareness
November 19th, 10-11am PST with Aleksandr Peikrishvili

The Bearable Process of Being: Leaning on Life Myth in Times of Pandemic - Part 1
December 3rd, 5-6pm PST with Susan Kocen

The Bearable Process of Being: Leaning on Life Myth in Times of Pandemic - Part 2
December 9th, 5-6pm PST with Susan Kocen

Relationship Justice: Navigating Harm & Accountability in Friendship & Love
December 17th, 10-11am PST with Jan Dworkin

no registration necessary

These free one-hour classes will present a Processwork approach to working with a variety of themes that emerge in our lives and in private practice. These short sessions are meant to introduce the public to a variety of Processwork applications but will also include ideas that can enhance learning for students and practitioners.

Please join us online and bring your friends, family and colleagues!
Dreambody Medicine Forums

with the Dreambody Medicine Team: Kara Wilde, Pierre Morin, Jai Tomlin & Emetchi

Fridays, 7-8:30pm PDT
Sept 25th, Oct 23rd, Dec 11th

Free of charge ~ No registration required

Community space to process experiences of body symptoms and their connection with larger cultural and social issues

More info here!
Community Meetings
During Extraordinary Times

hosted by Elva Redwood, Heike Hamann, Daya Mia and Fred Kahane

Open space to connect, hold & deepen our experiences during these extraordinary times
Questions? Talk to Melissa

Remember you can always chat with our Outreach Coordinator, Melissa Perry, to find out more or explore the full range of training opportunities at the Process Work Institute.

Reach Melissa at outreach@processwork.org
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