Vol. 1. Number March 2016
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The Changeover eXCHANGE
In each issue we will feature solutions and tips for improving packaging line performance and changeover efficiency. We will also include information about Septimatech events and activities.  The Changeover EXchange  will be published 3 times a year. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on future topics.

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About Septimatech
Seven Tips for Keeping Your Packaging Line Running at Peak Performance  
Packaging is a time-sensitive world. Minutes matter. Less than optimum performance and interruptions – scheduled or unscheduled – increase costs. Here are seven tips to keep your packaging line running at peak performance.
Case Study: Unison Automation
A large multinational consumer goods manufacturer reduced guide rail changeovers from 5 hours to 2 minutes by replacing a non-adjustable guide rail system with Unison Automation guide rail system. It combines the benefits of full, one-touch automation with the standard product handling and design benefits of the modular Unison adjustable guide rail system. The result is significantly faster, repeatable, and safer changeovers with the most precise container control available. 

Unison G2  cuts changeover time from hours to minutes
Septimatech's new  Unison G2 rapid change, high performance guide rail and container control system delivers industry-leading changeover time, adjustment accuracy, and container control. The Unison system allows customers to precisely change up to 80 feet (24m) of guide rail, manually or automatically through a PLC without pneumatics or tools. Line changes which typically take hours are reduced to minutes with Unison.

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Custom Wax Applicator Clears Up Sticky Challenge for Bottler
In Canada, Western Europe, and Latin America, beer sold in refillable bottles accounts for a 
significant share of the total market.  Keeping recycled bottles looking new and attractive can make all the difference in whether a customer buys your beer or a competitor’s. Many bottlers apply a wax protectant to reduce scuffing and cover existing marks.  When a leading Canadian Brewery couldn’t find a wax applicator that met their demands for adjustability, wax application and ROI, they turned to Septimatech for a custom solution. 

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