Vol. 2. Issue 1 Winter 2017
Rapid Exchange No Tool
Change Parts
Customers report up to a 97% time savings with changeovers reduced from 1 hour to less than 5 minutes.
Machine Productivity and Changeover Efficiency Start with Quality Change Parts
Did you know Septimatech manufactures solutions that improve productivity and simplify changeover for more than 300 different types of packaging machines?

In this issue of Changeover eXCHANGE we highlight some ways packagers have improved machine productivity and changeover efficiency through Rapid Exchange No Tool Change Parts, quality OEM and enhanced custom replacement parts, feed screws and drive systems, and Smart Storage Concepts. 

We also will provide some insights and tips in evaluating and managing change parts and suppliers.

About Septimatech Machine Productivity Solutions 
Case Studies:  Innovative Pocket Stars Solve Container Handling Challenges
Packagers who run new or multiple containers frequently uncover handling challenges that prevent their machines from running at peak performance. Septimatech has developed numerous custom pocket stars that help customers solve performance challenges with high speed packaging lines running bottles, non-rigid containers, odd shapes, and multiple sizes.

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Read Alternating Pocket Star and Feed Screw
Improve Machine and Line Efficiency, Flexibility and Safety â€“
5 Strategies to Selecting the Right Changeover Parts Supplier

Packagers and OEMS can receive many benefits from working with a change parts manufacturer that specializes in solving machine productivity and line performance challenges. When you order custom or standard change parts from an outside manufacturer, how can you ensure you will receive quality components that solve your challenges in a timely manner?

Here are a 5 considerations and questions to help you select a supplier.

Smart Storage Carts Reduce Changeover Time and Maintenance Costs
Septimatech’s Smart Storage Systems provide maximum storage space and organization for change parts in a lightweight, transportable cart.  
Customers in multiple industries are using Smart  eliminate part loss, reduce changeover time, and increase safety.

Read More: Smart Storage System Case Study.
Learn More About Septimatech Change Part Solutions
Our team is ready to help you eliminate the challenges that impact machine productivity and changeover efficiency. To learn more about how we can help you achieve reliable performance in every change, contact us.
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