A Sincere Thank You
October marks the end of my 2nd year as 4-H Program Leader.

The most motivational thing for me during these 2 years has been the opportunity to work with the volunteers without whose expertise, unflagging energy and commitment the 4-H program could not function.

When, in addition to our amazing volunteer support, one consi the efforts of the youth, the support of their families, and the generosity of our community, and it is easy to explain why being a part of 4-H is so inspiring.

I offer my sincere thanks for the wisdom and support you have so generously given in support of the staff here at CCEDC. Together, we will continue to ensure our youth get the best programs possible as we look forward to the 2018-19 4-H Year.
Sincerely, Jane

4-H Record Books
Completed record books MUST be handed in to the 4-H office no later than September 30th 2018. Youth who do not hand in record books will be deemed not to have completed their 4-H year :( The books will be evaluated by a team of volunteers during October before being returned. The best Cloverbud (5-7), Junior (8-12) and Senior (13-19) will receive awards!

Why is this important?
Funding from the County is provided to support the 4-H program. To secure funding we need to meet outcomes. Record Books are evidence of 4-H'ers communication and record keeping skills, financial literacy, community service and achievements. No outcomes - no funding!
So, Leaders and parents, please encourage your youth to get them completed and to the office on time.

In talking to Leaders and youth, the record book templates need to be changed to make them more relevant, user-friendly and fun to complete. I will be working with the Advisories and youth reps to get this done this year! Record books can be found on the Member Resources page of the website. Download yours now and start making suggestions.
Fall Leader Forums
Club Leaders and Co-Leaders are required to attend a fall meeting and a spring meeting so as to stay up-to-date and play an active part in how 4-H is run. Choose one of these two fall dates:

Saturday 6th October 9-10.30am or Wednesday 10th October 7-8.30pm

New leaders - please be prepared to stay behind for a 30 minute induction

Sign Up Online CLICK HERE

At CCEDC Farm and Home Center, Section A
Tentative Agenda
  • Introductions and welcome new leaders
  • Updates from Jane to include financial report
  • Review of Club operation policies
  • Record Books - design, use and completion
  • How to handle kids in multiple clubs
  • Fair feedback
  • Questions from the floor and discussion

Note: Project Leaders/Instructors are welcome but not required to attend

Member and Leader Enrollment
Enrollment Due September 30th
Completed youth membership forms, with $25 fee, must be to the 4-H Office by September 30th for youth to be enrolled and insured to participate in activities.
2018-19 Enrollment Form for 4-H members

Leaders, Co-Leaders and Project Leaders/Instructors
Volunteer agreement/code of contact forms must be signed annually - leaders who enrolled in the last 2 months are exempt.

Change of Leader Contact Details
If any of your contact details have changed in the last year, please complete this form and return it to the 4-H office

NOTE: New Leaders - you will need to complete the 'long triplicate form' on which you list all members of your club so you and the office have an easy-to-reference list. Please contact Angela to arrange to collect these or have them mailed.
Harvest Food Festival
Saturday November 17th commencing at 1pm at CCEDC

This is a little later in the month to allow everyone, especially new members, to plan and get the help they need to prepare. Some things you may not know:
The Fall Harvest Food Festival
  • Counts as a Public Presentation
  • Is open to all 4-H members to enter
  • Presentations can be repeated at the Fair to earn premiums
  • Is delicious, nutritious and fun!

To find out more go to the CCEDC Website after October 1st

Registration Opens October 1st and closes November 9th
Teen Ambassadors
Teens - be part of this youth leadership group. Learn lots and have fun while promoting your 4-H program and supporting the community.
Leaders - please encourage the teens in your club to sign up. 
Contact Jane to find out what exciting activities are on offer for 2018-19
4-H Educator News
The Search is Underway
We had a great response to the advertisement for a new 4-H Educator to fill the large shoes left by the departure of Cassie Messina. Our search committee read 22 applications of which we hope to interview 6 candidates. These are scheduled for morning of Tuesday 25th and afternoon of Wednesday 26th of September. Volunteers who would like to sit in and listen to the candidate presentations are welcome - contact Jane . The goal is to have our new Educator here and 'running' well before Christmas!
Research to Generate Funding
Voluntary Confidential Survey
to collect data on 4-H family demographics.
Should you be willing to complete this survey, we will use the data to leverage funding for our programs!

To be completed by the 'head' of each household
Takes no more than 5 minutes
All information is 100% confidential
Huge potential benefits to you and the program

Opportunities in the Community
To find out more, click on the links and contact the organizers:-
Strengthening Families is a 7 week program aimed at helping parents/guns and youth ages 10-14 communicate better, and build a stronger relationship. ng on Oct 3, it is free to qualified applicants.
College Planning Seminar on 'How to Pay For College without Going Broke' on Wed. Sept. 26, 6pm, CCEDC - free
Suicide Prevention Awareness for Teens (QPR) on Wed. Oct. 3rd, 6pm, Beekman Road Library - free
College Planning Seminar on 'Creating Your Path to College on Mon. Oct. 22, 6pm, East Fishkill - free 
Sept. 30: Records books to 4-H Office
Oct 1: New 4-H Year starts
Oct 6: Leader Forum 1
Oct 7: Leader Forum 2

Nov. 17: Harvest Food Festival
Nov. 22: Happy Thanksgiving
Contact Jane Rodd                                      Contact Angela
jr825@cornell.edu                                           acs26@cornell.edu
(845) 677-8223, ext. 105                               ext. 114