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Sequencing User Group Meeting
On Wednesday, March 8th we will hold a user group meeting in JSCBB room B231 from 5pm-6pm.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Agenda items include:

-Introduce facility staff

-Overview of new equipment and pricing

-Brief iLab tutorial with the opportunity for questions and feedback

-Open discussion about future acquisitions

New Blue Pippin
The BioFrontiers Sequencing Core has recently acquired a new DNA size-selection instrument.  This instrument is capable of size selecting your DNA fragments between 100bp and 50kb in length.  Target sizes are entered into the software and eluted into a buffer avoiding the process of gel purification and size selecting fragments more stringently than beads.
Contact the  facility  to see about using the BluePippin.
For more information visit click here  
Life Technologies 
Supply Center Open
The supply center is located in the BioFrontiers Sequencing Facility (JSCBB room C1B76) and is open from 9am-4pm.  Not only is there a stocked refrigerator and freezer, you can special order any item from Life Technologies and not pay shipping.  So far, BioFrontiers labs have saved over $2,000 in shipping fees in just 2 months. 
Come down to see what is regularly stocked.  
To place a special order email  Chris Davis
Watch for Workshops
The BioFrontiers will be presenting additional workshops this year, so you keep your eye out for more information.
January 2017

We hope you have all had a successful, data-filled 2016.  This past year has certainly brought many changes and opportunities to the sequencing facility that we hope you can take advantage of in the new year.

TapeStation 2200
Out with the old and in with the new!   
Thank you to Dr. Sara Sawyer and her lab for generously relocating their TapeStation 2200 to the BioFrontiers Sequencing Facility.  The laser on the Bioanalyzer went out, and we desperately needed a way to measure DNA fragment length as well as determining RNA integrity numbers.  The Sawyer lab came to the rescue and has allowed us to use their TapeStation. 

The TapeStation has benefits over the Bioanalyzer including decreased run time and the ability to run one sample at a time instead of having to use an entire chip which saves researchers on cost. 

You can make reservations to run samples on the TapeStation through iLab.  Please email Meghan if you need help with iLab or making reservations. 
 New Addition to the Facility
Meet Caitlin Poling.  Caitlin is a fourth-year undergraduate studying neuroscience and psychology.  She came to the BioFrontiers Sequencing Facility to gain hands-on laboratory experience.  She is a fast learner and has taken on many aspects of maintaining the facility such as inventory, sequencer maintenance and the complicated waste-disposal process.  She is also beginning to perform sample QC as well.  Please say hi the next time you are down here.

Implementation successes and challenges
In October, the BioFrontiers Sequencing Core transitioned to using iLab Solutions, a lab management software program designed by Agilent Technologies.  As with implementing any new management system there are often, initially, many hurdles.  However, iLab provides a way for everyone in the facility to monitor the progress of samples, reservations, and data transfer.  Now instead of just one person taking care of your samples, there are three.  Additionally, iLab will ultimately streamline our invoicing process resulting in more time for sequencing and less time spent on paperwork. 

Currently on iLab you can make reservations for the TapeStation, qPCR or a consultation with Jamie.  Additionally, you can request services such as sequencing, quality control of your libraries or library preparation.  In the near future, we will be adding the epMotion and BluePippin into the iLab calendar as well.  

In order to submit any samples to the facility, you must enter the samples in iLab.   If you or your PI needs to register with iLab, please contact  Meghan .
Library Preparation

The BioFrontiers Sequencing Core offers a wide variety of library preparation services including genomic DNA, RNA and amplicons.  Please contact the facility to find out more information.  

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