Noun  |  kap.tus  |  ˈkäpt̪ʊs̠  A taking, a seizing
For the fifth consecutive year, the editorial and research staff of Latinvex has included Sequor Law Founding Shareholder Edward H. Davis, Jr. among the top 100 attorneys from law firms that have a strong track record and prominence in Latin America. Congratulations, Ed!
Ativos v. Arantes
Greg Grossman and Carolina Z. Goncalves successfully defeated a foreign debtor’s motion to vacate a Brazilian judgment that the team domesticated and was enforcing in Florida. The judgment in question is in the form of a settlement agreement homologated by a Brazilian court, where the parties to the settlement included an individual who was not a party to the underlying litigation. After the judgment debtors defaulted on the settlement agreement, the judgment creditor sought to enforce the judgment against them in Brazil, and with the help of Sequor Law, in Florida.

The Sequor team domesticated the Brazilian judgment and proceeded to enforce it in Florida. One of the judgment debtors moved to vacate the domesticated judgment in Florida six months after domestication, basing his motion, in part, on the parallel attack he launched in the judgment enforcement proceeding in Brazil. After an intense round of briefing, expert witness depositions, and a two-day evidentiary hearing, the Florida court ultimately sided with the Sequor team, finding that the judgment is final where a judgment debtor does not timely object to its domestication as prescribed by Florida law. The court agreed with Sequor’s argument that Florida law prohibits post-recognition collateral attacks on the judgment before a Florida court and that such attacks are more properly directed to the home court.

Congratulations to the team on their victory!
Thought Leaders 4 FIRE International
Vilamoura, Portugal May 17th - 19th
Sequor Law Shareholder Leyza F. Blanco was a panelist at ThoughtLeaders4 FIRE International where she participated on the Attack the Sham panel about asset recovery toolkits along with co-panelists Hannes Arnold, Senior Partner - GASSER PARTNER Attorneys at Law, William Redgrave, Partner - Baker & Partners, Simon Jerrum, Partner – HFW.

Incoming ICC FraudNet Co-Executive Director Rodrigo Callejas with Strategic Partner James Pomeroy and former Executive Director Edward H. Davis met in Cyprus for the FraudNet Spring meeting.
The joint liquidators of three 1MDB-linked British Virgin Islands funds have secured recognition of their appointments in Miami, pledging to obtain discovery in the US to help with their recovery efforts.

In an oral ruling on 18 May, Judge Robert Mark in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida recognized the BVI liquidations of SRC International (Malaysia) (SRC BVI) and subsidiaries SRC Strategic Resources and Bright Oriande.
ABI 40th Annual Spring Meeting 
Washington DC, April 30

Sequor Law Shareholder
Leyza F. Blanco participated in the panel discussion So We Own a Plane in Mexico- Asset Recovery and Cross-Border Insolvency at the ABI 40th Annual Spring Meeting In Washington DC on April 30th.  

Sequor Law Associate,
Christopher A. Noel, shared his insights on Art Fraud in the legal industry on this month's Attorney Spotlight. 
What practice areas do you focus on?

Asset recovery, corruption and proceeds of crime recovery, financial fraud, and international commercial litigation and appeals. My practice involves representing clients ranging from sovereign governments and multinational corporations to court-appointed fiduciaries and private clients.

What is your role when it comes to asset recovery?

The role of an asset recovery lawyer is to be a member of a multi-faceted team focused on a core objective: recovering value for the client. Often, asset recovery counsel assembles teams of investigators and forensic experts to more fully understand the circumstances that gave rise to the dispute, and asset recovery counsel serves as a hub for all of the professionals working to advance the client’s objectives.

How common is art fraud?

Art fraud takes many forms - it can be based on a forged or otherwise inauthentic artwork, or as we see more commonly, it can be financial fraud perpetrated through abuse of the otherwise very private art market. As the global art market grows, and new consumers are brought into the market, the risk of art fraud increases.
Legal Services of Greater Miami Young Professional Council
Sequor Law believes in community service and equal justice. For another consecutive year, Sequor Law sponsored Legal Services of Greater Miami’s Annual HeART of Giving celebration. This year, the Equal Justice Judicial Leadership Awards were presented to the Hon. Cecilia M. Altonaga, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida; the Hon. Nushin G. Sayfie, Chief Judge of the Eleventh Judicial Court of Florida; and the Hon. Michael A. Hanzman, Circuit Judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. Sequor Law attorney Christopher A. Noel is the chair of the Legal Services of Greater Miami Young Professionals Council.
"Service of Process Abroad: No International Agreement?"
Authored by: Shareholder, Leyza F. Blanco, Associate, Juan J. Mendoza and Law Clerk, Alejandro Rodriguez Vanzetti - Sequor Law
Long ago were the times when serving a lawsuit required plaintiffs to shout and speak their cause of action, send mail carried by a steam ship, or serve via telex. Service of process in many countries has caught up with the times. A court in the United Kingdom, for example, allowed an injunction to be served via Twitter. Even though U.S. courts have authorized service of this kind under special circumstances, courts have lagged on implementing these alternative methods on a larger scale. In fact, the advisory committee of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (the “FRCP”) has recognized that this aspect of litigation is in need of reform.
IWIRC Spring Conference
Washington DC, April 28
Sequor Law Shareholder and IWIRC International Immediate past chair,
Leyza F. Blanco presented Susana Hidvegi Arango with the 2022 Woman of the Year in restructuring at the IWIRC Spring Conference in Washington DC on April 28th. Congratulations, Susana!   
Sequor Law Shareholder Leyza F. Blanco and Sequor Law Counsel
Nyana A. Miller reunited with the IWIRC Latin American Contingent at the IWIRC Spring Meeting in Washington DC.
Pig Roast Event
After a two-year hiatus, Sequor Law hosted its 4th annual Pig Roast Event during the Offshore Alert Conference held in Miami on April 25th.  It was a pleasure to welcome both old and new friends in person.
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