Serenity Regained  

The other day a good friend and I reflected on how much the world has changed in such a short period of time. While challenging for all, I can’t help but acknowledge the good as well. 

Interaction with family and friends has perceptibly improved  –  we spend meaningful time together again. We talk “with" each other, not “at" each other as our previously frenzied existence compelled us to do. Another byproduct of isolation is more time with self. And by time, I do not mean watching Netflix (well maybe a little Netflix). I'm referring to an inner monologue that was far more frenzied than any conversation with others. Through forced isolation came forced serenity. 

Strange that serenity and trauma appear closely related. Had this pandemic not occurred, serenity would likely have eluded me for years. That serenity gained is something I don't want to lose again.

As the world shifts to a new form of normalcy, businesses reopen, and we spend less time with both family and self, I wanted a daily reminder of serenity. Something that at a glance reminds me to be present and not fall prey to the frenzied pace of the last 20 years.

When you’ve been traveling and collecting as long as I have, few things are as widely regarded as the Buddha. Regardless of race, creed, or religion, the Buddha evokes a universal serenity. I immediately went to the warehouse, took one of our Buddha's, and put it in my garden. By doing so, I immediately embraced serenity, and once again, welcomed it into my space. Serenity regained...   

Be safe and be well...