Imagine Plastic Surgery and COVID-19 Response
Updated 3/27/2020

At Imagine Plastic Surgery, our staff is committed to your safety and maintaining care for you.

In compliance with the governor's mandate, our office will be open with restricted hours during this time, for urgent appointments
March 27, 2020
Dear   patients, friends and fellow teammates at Imagine Plastic Surgery,

First, I miss seeing you, talking with you and seeing you in person! 

As we follow the governor’s mandate:
-sheltering in place
-keeping a social distance of 6 feet
-limit any group meetings 
-use additional/enhanced hygienic measures 
-limiting personal contact 
-eating takeout food
-postponing procedures
-etc., etc., etc...

Fortunately, these steps will and have been shown to decrease the incidence of Covid-19 spread.
However, while necessary, these measures has resulted in its own untoward consequences. 

The obvious is the heightened concern on how to preserve each and everyone’s health, how to serve our patients, how to deal with our financial commitments without our normal income sources, but just as important how to deal with the emotional anxiety of isolation, how to cope with the loss of control... and more... 
Yesterday while at home and feeling a bit down, I decided to take a walk outside. The sun was out, birds chirping, signs of spring, new leaf growth appearing on the trees and in the distance snow covered peaks....

I was then remembered and reflected on the: 
The   Serenity Prayer
“God, grant me the  serenity  to accept the things I cannot change,  courage  to change the things I can, and  wisdom  to know the difference. “
(Attributed to/written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971). 
Serenity is defined as: the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
So, as I started reflecting on this prayer...

- accept  the things I cannot change:  
the covid-19 virus is here and its far reaching consequences are yet completely unknown... I must accept and trust our local, regional and national leadership will do all they can to help us get through this time. 
- courage  to change the things I can:  
I must follow the mandates, continue to care for my patients on a restricted in person basis (while adding virtual telemedicine to do so), offer emotionally support and factual advice to my family and friends, offer my equipment and supplies to the hospital and choose to live with a positive attitude.        

- wisdom  to know the difference:
I must continue to analyze and reflect what I can and cannot do.... and then take a deep breath and let it go.
Yes, it may get worse before it gets better...but  It WILL GET BETTER
Lastly as I close on an optimistic note and I again quote my mother:                
   “This too shall pass”

Wishing you all (and me) acceptance, courage, wisdom and serenity. 
Be safe and good health,

Note: Please see Dr. Hardesty’s previous emails on Covid-19 information.       

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Please follow the CDC's recommendation for hygiene and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
If you have signs of:
Shortness of breath, fever, cough, flu-like symptoms please call your primary doctors office and they will direct you to proper testing or management.
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