Guided Hypnosis for Golfers 

Train Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals
Do you want to improve your game?
Do you want to stop making the same
mistakes repeatedly?
No matter what your sport is – golf,
tennis, hockey, volleyball, etc – there
are inner actions you can take to
improve your performance.
Self-hypnosis and mental rehearsal
help you to harness the power of
your mind and unleash tremendous
untapped potential. 
In this 2 week online series, you'll experience
several group trances: Course Confidence,
The Mental Caddie, and Perfect Swing.
You'll also learn several NLP (NeuroLinguistic
Programming) techniques that will help you
reprogram your mindset for success.
And soon ... you will be thinking and
performing like a pro on the course.  
Two Week Golf Series
Dates : Wed March 16 & 23
Time : 7:00 - 8:30 pm 
Tickets: $67.00 for the series

Payment is accepted through
Paypal HERE .  

After payment is received, your
Zoom links and seminar
materials will be emailed to you.

The seminars will be recorded.
If you are unable to attend, the
class recordings and materials
will be sent to you for later listening.

For details, contact your facilitator: 
Kathryn McGlynn Certified Hypnotist,
Golf Enhancement Specialist 
Upcoming Seminars
Interview with Joseph Parent,
author of Zen Golf

Benefit from his wisdom and receive some
GREAT nuggets about mindfulness
and NLP HERE .

Tip #1: Listen for a clever quote from Cristie Kerr.
Tip #2: Even if you are not a golfer, you will gain
some valuable insights about yourself when you

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If you take a bigger perspective, letting
them come and go, they don’t hold such
power over you.
~ Joseph Parent 
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