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Last week I was honored to speak at Governor Jindal's signing ceremony of HB 388. Republicans and Democrats stood together in a bipartisan spirit as the Unsafe Abortion Act was signed into law. It was a historic day to celebrate the legislation that will protect Louisiana women and children. 

HB 388 goes into effect September 1st. We will keep you informed on the impact of this bill over the next few months. Click here to watch footage from the signing ceremony

For a Pro-Life Louisiana, 

Benjamin Clapper 


P.S. If you have not already, please take time to thank Governor Jindal for serving our state as a pro-life Governor!
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Senator Landrieu accused Gov. Jindal of "not serving the people of Louisiana" in a Politico article  after he signed the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act. 

Send a message of thanks to Gov. Jindal today for supporting the life affirming values of Louisiana, not those of the abortion industry. 

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Steve Scalise Running for Majority Whip in U.S. House
Our good friend Steve Scalise is running for Majority Whip in Congress, and we strongly support him in this effort. Congressman Scalise has been an effective pro-life leader both in the Louisiana Legislature and in Congress. We worked closely with him when he authored and passed multiple pieces of important pro-life legislation in Baton Rouge. Please post on Facebook and Twitter why you support Congressman Scalise to the hashtag #ScaliseForWhip ! 
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Rhetoric vs. Reality:
The Real War on Women Raging in Our Nation

The "War on Women" rhetoric that the pro-abortion lobby crafted to describe the so called "wide-scale attack on women's rights" would have been sheer genius if it weren't for this key fact: Women are largely pro-life and vote for pro-life legislation. A recent example makes this clear.


In March, Representative Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe), announced that she was proud to author the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act (HB 388) during the 2014 legislative session. Just last month, the bill passed the Louisiana Legislature by an overwhelming, bi-partisan margin. 


HB 388 will ensure that women who experience complications from abortion, such as hemorrhage, uterine perforation, or infection from an incomplete abortion, are given the highest standard of care possible at a local hospital without any delays. 


Immediately after the legislation passed, pro-abortion groups began their "war on women" mantra, and one of the first to object to HB 388 was none other than Cecile Richards, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in the nation. 


In a CNN Opinion article she claimed that "extreme politicians are grandstanding at the expense of women's health and safety." Richards argues that politicians are restricting access to abortion, and women won't stand for this because these bills don't have the support of most Americans. 


However, it looks like Richards overlooks a few very important details. HB 388 is for women, and women believe in implementing legislation that makes their safety the number one priority. The legislation was drafted with the legal expertise of a Bioethics Defense Fund attorney who happens to be a woman. The bill was supported by the committee testimony of Kathy Kleibert, the woman who serves as Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. A woman representative, Sharon Weston Broome (D-Baton Rouge), carried HB 388 on the Senate side and two-thirds of the women members in the legislative body voted in support of this bill.


Additionally, the legislation is modeled off of the exact language of a bill that was upheld as a constitutional protection of women's health by a unanimous panel of federal judges who sit on the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals - all three of whom are women. So ultimately, when Richards refers to "extreme politicians" she's actually referring to women because the politicians and attorney who drafted and supported the legislation were women.  


Unfortunately, this wasn't the first time Richards alluded to the "war on women" propaganda. In 2003 when then President, George W. Bush, signed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, she said lawmakers were playing politics with women's health. Richards unbelievably reiterated the same rhetoric despite the ban being supported by over 70% of Americans which outlawed a gruesome abortion procedure


While abortion supporters like Richards try their hardest to convince us that women are opposed to legislation that helps prevent unsafe abortion, the passing of HB 388 proves the opposite. They also want us to believe that women don't support protecting babies who feel pain, even though a Washington Post-ABC Poll found that 71% of women supported the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The truth of the matter is they are the ones raging a war. 


Their war against women looks like this: they lie about about the dangerous complications from abortion, they support sex-selective abortion and hide malpractice from the public. Motivated by money, they sell abortion and injure women without penalty, lie without remorse and support abortion no matter the cost. The result? Unborn children die gruesome deaths, and women are maimed or even killed from unsafe abortions.  Exposure of this behavior is necessary. Without our efforts, they will continue pushing their radical pro-abortion agenda, which does everything but protect the health of women. 

Planned Parenthood Misrepresents HB 305

On June 12th, Governor Jindal
Planned Parenthood's Misrepresentation of HB 305 on Twitter
signed HB 305 into law. HB 305 provides that no representative of a business or organization that performs abortion may provide instruction in schools that receive state funding. This will ensure that organizations with financial interest in abortion, like Planned Parenthood, will not be educating our young people. 


However, immediately following the signing of HB 305, Planned Parenthood blasted over social media that Gov. Jindal was "restricting sex education & safe, legal abortion in Louisiana." (Pictured Right)


HB 305 does not end sex education in Louisiana. The bill only restricts abortion businesses from providing instruction in tax-funded schools. 


Planned Parenthood's misrepresentation of HB 305 shows us once again that they are more interested in abortion than anything else they do. HB 305 prevents businesses that perform abortions from doing any education in state funded schools. If Planned Parenthood wants to do "sex education" then all they have to do is stop selling abortion to women. 

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