E - Newsletter for November 8th, 2018

Office Hours: Mon - Thurs 10 am - 3 pm
Celebration Services

There is no dress code for Sunday Services at Unity Spiritual Center
Dress up, dress down, come as you are! For safety we do require shirts and shoes. The important thing is to be comfortable whatever that means to you!
All ages are welcome at Celebration Services!
Now Collecting until
November 11th!
Lunch Bunch

South Lansing Bob Evan's
900 American Rd
Lansing, MI 48911

December 7th at 1 pm

Let Nancy know if you are planning on attending: 517-208-0021 or  njclaytor@yahoo.com
Missing something?

USCL has a "Lost & Found" shelf/basket located above the coat rack near the Prospect Street stairwell. If you think you may have left anything behind feel free to call, email or come by the office during open hours!
Spiritual Growth & Development
U.S.C.L. Policy For Many Classes & Events:
(No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds)
Mondays at 1 pm

A group study and discussion of the book
A Course Of Love by Mari Parron

Wednesdays at 10:30 am

Join for prayer, book discussion and laughter.

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Take a break from the busyness of life
and join together in prayer.
For yourself and others.
Thursdays at 7 pm

Dan and Carol Maynard invite everyone to join in exploring this amazing masterpiece which shows us how to easily forgive by reinforcing your own sense of joy and peace.

Call Dan 517-719-0003 or Carol 517-719-0151 if you have questions.

A Note From Lucille Olson

Endings and Beginnings

The endings that happen on our journey are just the beginning of something new. We may have been hanging on to a situation believing in the illusion of security. We may have been pushing ourselves and others around us to hold together something that is not working. It may be time to let go, to stop striving and allow everything to begin to unfold naturally. When we release all that which no longer serves us, we create space for new blessings to fill the void.

When things look the darkest, trust that the morning will come when we will see things in a better light. If the tears come, recognize that they are melting our resistance. Tears soften us and remind us of our humanness and help us to develop compassion for ourselves and others. When we’re feeling the most vulnerable, get honest with yourself about what you are feeling by writing about it, or talking with a trusted friend or counselor, and feel the feelings. This will help us open our heart. We can step out of the tomb of confusion and uncertainty into the light of today, the dawn of tomorrow. 

Trust that there is a divine plan at work in our lives and there is a new creative venture ahead for us. Open up your mind and heart to the workings of a loving and benevolent universe. Letting go allows new ideas to enter into our consciousness. Tap into these ideas and let them germinate in our mind. Begin creating a new vision. Ask Spirit to help in removing any obstacles on our path. As a spiritual being, your potential is unlimited.
 Our purpose is to express life in our own unique and creative way, and to allow love and wisdom to guide our decisions and direction. Release and let the past slip slowly behind us as we turn our face to the sun in anticipation of new good.  

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing illness, bereavement or other life challenges, contact Debbie Pennington at 517-485-7762 or by email at dspennin@gmail.com.

So that those facing challenges can receive a card from Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing's Outreach team. 
Heart to Heart Connections Postings
(of congregants experiencing health challenges)

If you know of someone wanting visitation or phone calls and enjoys visiting or talking with member of the congregation check out the 'Heart to Heart' connections posting on the small bulletin board near the side entrance.
Unity Spiritual Center of Lansing provides a safe place for the expression of a variety of opinions; this does not necessarily constitute an endorsement, express or implied, of ideas presented in classes or group discussions.