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February 7, 2017
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Food Safety News
Organic Baby Food Pouches Recalled for Botulism Risk
Loblaw Companies Ltd. is recalling one flavor of PC Organics baby food from retailers nationwide in Canada after a consumer complaint triggered an inspection that revealed the product could contain the toxin that causes botulism poisoning.

The recall includes only one lot of President's Choice (PC) Organics branded apple, blueberry and green pea strained baby food sold in pouches with twist-off caps, according to the recall notice on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.
from  FoodSafetyNews
Hygienic Design: How Our Thinking Has Evolved
Hygienic design  has always been a forward-looking, futuristic discipline with the intent of modifying equipment and facility design for easier cleaning. An easily cleaned food plant establishes a firm foundation for a sanitary environment to enable production of high-quality and safe food. One challenge with the futuristic nature of hygienic design is that the existing installed base takes years or generations to fully replace. I think we can all agree that we support hygienic design-the challenge is the time and money it takes to replace or retrofit facilities and the processes and equipment within them.
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Trending Foods
Could Purple Ice Cream be the Hottest Food Trend of 2017?
There's a new purple ice cream on the block that is popping up all over social media.
Ube ice cream, made out of yams, is being touted as the food trend of the year - despite not actually being a new development in the ice cream world.