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Servant to Servant
January 22, 2021

Bishop Jamison J. Hardy had the pleasure of officiating the installation of Rev. Marcus T. Zill as campus pastor of University of Arizona in Tucson. The installation took place at Faith Lutheran Church, Tucson, AZ.

District Life Committee Update
As your circuits meet throughout the District to begin nominations and prepare overtures for the Convention please think of creating an overture through your congregations to support life in all aspects. Whether it be pro-life issues, right to life issues, or even greater care and keeping of our most vulnerable both old and young please think of ways to encourage our Missouri Synod to take steps to show our love and care for all of our Synod churches and their members. If interested please call me for any ideas.

The Chicago circuits just put out a great overture to the convention. They can serve as a model. Thank you!

May God bless our English District, its churches and members, and the most in need around us.

Rev. Timothy P. Halboth
Chairman, English District Life Committee
Esther 4:14 National Grant Program
New Congregational Grant from LCMS Office of National Mission is Available to All English District Congregations.

The Lord has established and equipped His Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). As people worldwide face isolation, career displacement and their own mortality, the Gospel alone brings real relief and help. New technologies and communication techniques have enabled us to proclaim the Lord's timeless truth in new and exciting ways. Many LCMS congregations have demonstrated resilience and innovation in using technology to their advantage. Because this is also a time of economic distress, some congregations have not been able to afford technology purchases. Therefore, this new national grant program is designed to encourage congregations to purchase equipment to meet the challenges of the day. Grants will be awarded based on need, innovative character and willingness to share discoveries with other LCMS congregations and organizations.

How may grant funds be used? First, the awarded grants will favor advancing congregational technological capacity. Grants may provide technology (e.g., cameras, mixer boards); end-user equipment (e.g., tablets for shut-ins); software or software subscriptions (e.g., editing software, Microsoft Teams, Zoom pro accounts); training; and other equipment or technologies to meet timely needs.

Congregations applying are asked to demonstrate that grant funds will allow congregations to reach out to members and their communities. Grants may provide for new programs or provide necessary supplementation to existing programs.

Click here for more information and a link to the grant application.
Prayer Requests
The Bible's promise is true: "If we ask anything according to his will, he hears us" (1 John 5:14).

Pray with us for Rev. Manuel de la Rosa for strength and healing.

Pray with us for Rev. Steve and Wendy De Santo for strength and healing.

Pray with us for Rod Lane for strength and healing.

Pray with us for the family of Rev. Mark Ebert, Lincoln, NE, whose mother was called home to heaven.

Prayers of thanksgiving for Rev. Joel Holls, Christ Our Redeemer, Allen Park, MI, who is now home from the hospital and rehab after almost three months.

Your prayer concerns are important to the English District. If you have a prayer request you would like shared in this newsletter, email the District office.
I Will Pray for You! Cliché or Intimacy?
You come across an acquaintance at the store or some other gathering place. While maintaining the proper social distancing (of course!), you make some small talk but you also mention some challenges you have been facing recently – be that work, health, financial, or in your relationships. The person responds as they go on their way, “I will pray for you” as you respond with a cordial, “Thank you!” This begs the question, “Will they really pray?” Has this Christian phrase become as much cliché as asking someone, “How are you doing?” without really expecting them to say anything but, “Fine”? Making the offer to pray for someone and then doing it may be one of the best, most intimate Gospel gifts you can give any person.

The Evangelization Team encourages you to intentionally ask someone, “What is one thing I can pray for you?” Read more about this means of sharing the Gospel from Rev. John Diener.

Read more here.
Mrs. Holly Scheer has been the Communications/Media Facilitator for the English District since August 2018. She has recently accepted a position with the State of Wyoming, and her last day with the district is Friday, January 29, 2021. We ask the Lord's blessings be upon Holly as she travels down this new path before her. Congratulations, Holly! 
Position Available
This information is being published in the hope that you may know of someone in your congregation or ministry who would be interested in applying for the position. We would very much appreciate your putting a notice in your bulletins or newsletters. Thank you.

The English District of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod is seeking a part-time (approximately 10 hours per week) Communications/Media Facilitator. This position is available immediately.
Qualifications required: Experience in communicating through all forms of media. Knowledge and ability to work with others throughout the District and in the print, social networks, and communications field to reach an end product. Must be self-motivated, well-organized and team-oriented.
Duties include: Responsibility for public relations and communications for the purpose of disseminating information and mission and ministry awareness of the English District - LCMS.
Anyone interested in this position please submit a resume and cover letter which includes compensation requirements and availability to Sally Naglich at snaglich@englishdistrict.org.
Meet Your 1-1-1 Recipients!
Our English District identified recipients of 1-1-1 (A Dollar for Mission) for 2020-2021 are the campus ministries of our District. We want members of our District congregations, those who bring a (1) dollar per (1) person per (1) Sunday, to have a clear picture of how these gifts are being used to directly support the mission of our District. These gifts come together to fund important ministries across the District, like Lutheran Student Fellowship (LSF) in Pittsburgh, $1 at a time.

Read more about the campus ministry of First Trinity Lutheran Church through Lutheran Student Fellowship-International Student Ministry and how it serves multiple universities and colleges in the Pittsburgh area.
Calling a Seminary Candidate/Requesting a Vicar
If your congregation is interested in calling a seminary candidate or making an application for a vicar, please contact Administrative Assistant Kathy Stanis at 248-476-0039 ext. 320 or by email. The deadline to submit call papers and vicarage applications is February 1, 2021.
Ministerial Health Commission
Your English District Ministerial Health Commission is here to be a confidential sister or brother in Christ, walking alongside of our church workers and their families. We strive to be a listening ear with a non-judgmental heart, supporting you where you are, not where anyone thinks you should be. We will encourage, not chastise, listen without advising, and pray without ceasing for you. May God grant you the strength to reach out if and when you need assistance.
LCEF Can Help
LCEF has employed numerous financial tools to help our borrowers, including several specifically put in place by our COVID-19 Response Team. Needs are unique. So are the remedies. And we continue to look for more.

Some need a simple re-amortization of an existing loan. Others need a quick line of credit to bridge the gap. Others need a specialized loan to carry them through a greater need. For more challenged circumstances, those identified as most vulnerable, including early childhood centers and our church workers, LCEF stands ready to provide more aggressive financial solutions.

Need and duration are unique. Congregations are encouraged to contact your LCEF District Vice President, Pastor Daniel Lepley, to discuss the remedy that allows your work to continue.

For more information and a link to apply for PPP funds through the Lutheran Federal Credit Union, see the January 11, 2021 LCEF update.

Concordia Plans Employer Webinar Series
Concordia Plans will be continuing the employer webinar series. On January 26th Lauren Spurlock, CPS Enrollment Eligibility Services Specialist, will be covering the Benefits Administration System (BAS). 
Whether you are new to using the BAS or an experienced administrator wanting a refresher, this webinar will provide you with valuable information.  
This webinar on January 26 at 1 p.m. CT will include:  
  • Overview on basic navigation of the BAS 
  • Demo on how to use the BAS to manage your ministry’s benefits  
  • Review of the reports available in the BAS   
  • Helpful resources that are available and where to find them 
You can register for the webinar here.  
Livestreamed/Recorded Services
We encourage everyone to take advantage of alternative opportunities to hear God’s word and to be blessed by the Divine Service. We have compiled a list of opportunities on the English District website that is continually updated.

If your congregation is recording or live streaming and is not included on this list, please email us at info@englishdistrict.org and let us know how people can access it.
For more information, contact the English District Gift Planning Counselor Ron Grimm by phone (412)-584-7039 or email.
In Our Churches
Hales Corners, Hales Corners, WI

Hales Corners Lutheran Church welcomed seven new families during their online new member process. What a blessing it is that God's family continues to grow!
In Our Schools
The 2021 National Lutheran Schools Week Celebration is Almost Here!

January 24 – 30, 2021

As you prepare, be sure to take the following steps to make sure you are ready for the week.

Use the #NLSW21 and #LuthEd hashtags to share your activities and stories!

Download the resources that you need.

Share this information to ensure that all who work in Lutheran education are prepared to celebrate National Lutheran Schools Week!

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Follow School Ministry on Twitter: @LCMSSchools
Our Savior, Hartland, MI

On Friday, January 15, 2021, the teachers at Our Savior Lutheran School participated in an in-service training about How the Arts Can Link Subjects Together as part of their continuing education for the 2020-2021 school year. Dr. Wendy Hardy, wife of Bishop Jamison J. Hardy, led the training and even Will, the Hardy's puppy, came and participated. 
Bethesda, Chicago, IL

Eve Comfort Dog visited Bethesda International Academy with her handler Principal Aaron Landgrave.
Redeemer, Verona, PA

Thank you to the Concordia Lutheran Ministries Highpointe Crew for making crosses for each Redeemer Lutheran School classroom!
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