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Servant to Servant
January 25, 2019
Divine Calls
Call Received
The Rev. Brett A. Matz, St. Mark, Sheboygan, WI, has received a call to serve as Sole Pastor of St. John's, Beecher, IL.

Calls Accepted
The Rev. Peter M. Burfeind, Associate Pastor, Redeemer, Ft. Wayne, IN, has accepted the call to serve as Sole Pastor of Agnus Dei, Marshall, MI (English District) and Our Savior, Union City, MI (Michigan District).

The Rev. Rodney E. Zwonitzer, The Villages, FL, has accepted the call to serve as Associate Pastor of Our Savior, Hartland, MI.
Calling a Seminary Candidate
Is your congregation interested in requesting a candidate from the seminary to fill a vacancy? If so, please email Kathy Stanis at or call 248-476-0039 ext. 320. Deadline to make a request is February 1, 2019.
1-1-1 for Missions
St. Mark Lutheran Church, Janesville, WI

St. Mark began participating in the 1-1-1 mission initiative in July 2018. Members are excited to work toward a mission alongside so many other congregations. The map display puts into perspective how spread out our district truly is, and how distance does not hinder us working together. At the bottom right hand corner of the map is a description of the current missions we are working towards (taken from FAQ #20). We are looking forward to fully funding these two missions, and will add to this display a list of “Fully Funded Missions”.
Prayer Requests
There is power in prayer. Your prayer concerns are important to the English District. When you submit a prayer request, it will be posted in our weekly eNewsletter, Servant to Servant. The Bible's promise is true: "If we ask anything according to his will, he hears us" (1 John 5:14). Please email  Holly Scheer  with your prayer requests.

The District daily prayers for February are available on our website. Please join us in prayer.
LCMS Foundation—Smart and Easy Endowment Funding
Congregations and LCMS ministries looking for a simple way to generate income from assets have asked for our help. Many organizational leaders find themselves without the resources to create legal documents, investment policies, choose investment accounts and review statements. The easiest solution has been to put assets in a savings account that provides very little income in today’s market. 
The LCMS Foundation now has a new option! Ministries can endow assets (minimum $10,000) with the Foundation and receive a perpetual income stream while keeping the corpus intact. Additions may be made to the fund at any time.
Ministry leaders can then focus time and resources on the mission instead of spending time on policies and governance responsibilities. 

To find out more, email Ron Grimm, Gift Planning Counselor, or call 412-584-7039.
In Our District
LWML Request- YWR
Do you have a Young Woman in your congregation that you think would make an excellent Representative(YWR)? Check out our website for more information!
Update - NYG District Youth Event
All youth and leaders from the English District are invited to the district event on Sunday, July 14th from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Round trip transportation will be provided from the convention center as we head to Minneapolis Sky Zone—an indoor trampoline park. Once at Sky Zone we will have opportunity for several rounds of ultimate dodge ball (including an adult vs. student round and blacklight). Since we have the full facility, other opportunities such as sky climb, warrior course, foam jump, and sky joust are available. All you can drink soda on site and a meal are included. Cost is $45 per person and includes bus transportation, entry to Sky Zone, meal, and a district t-shirt. For more information and to register, see here !
It’s Time … to Meet 2019 Convention Deadlines
The process for electing the Synodical President has changed. Each congregation/parish is entitled to one pastoral vote and one lay vote, and the names of these electors, chosen by their congregation, must be submitted to Synod by March 24, 2019. A registration form and a letter have been sent to each church office explaining the process. Congregations that do not register voters will not have a vote in this election. Information on the convention itself is available online at .

I mportant LCMS convention deadlines  are rapidly approaching for your congregation:
  • Feb. 20, 2019  President and First Vice-President nominating ballots must be received by this date by the Synod’s auditor, Brown Smith Wallace. Official ballots must be used, signed by two congregation officers. Blue return envelopes were provided in your congregation’s nominations packet.

  • Feb. 20, 2019  Regional Vice-President, nominating ballots must be received by this date by the Office of the Secretary of the Synod. Official ballots must be used, signed by two congregation officers. Yellow return envelopes were provided in your congregation’s nominations packet. [Note: If a nominating ballot has been spoiled or lost, a duplicate ballot must be obtained from the Office of the Secretary in sufficient time to meet the Feb. 20 deadline.]

  • March 2, 2019  Overtures (proposed convention actions) are due to be received by the Office of the President signed by at least one officer of the congregation. Overtures received after the March 2 deadline are included in convention business only if judged to be a matter of overriding importance and urgency and not covered by overtures already submitted. [NOTE: An early deadline of Feb. 6 is recommended for inclusion in the 2019 Convention Workbook, due to printing timetable requirements.]

  • March 24, 2019  Registrations for each congregation’s (or multi-congregation parish’s) presidential election voters (pastor and lay) must have been registered with the LCMS Office of the Secretary. If previously registered voters need to be changed, this may be done until June 15, 2019, by filling out the Voter Update Form or the Substitute Voter Form located on the LCMS website;
Come Serve at Camp Concordia
Camp Concordia's summer week-long camps offer a uniquely engaging environment where kids can unplug, develop life-skills, and grow a “sticky faith” they will carry into adulthood. As a summer staff, you will grow spiritually,
strengthen your ministry skills, and be equipped for Christian service,
whether you support behind the scenes or sing on the stage. We help equip you to find your calling to serve in ministry and to use your talents to impact the Kingdom.

For more information, see here .
In Our Churches
St. Mark Lutheran Church, Janesville, WI
St. Mark in Janesville, WI welcomed their newest member, Andrew, to the body of Christ through Holy Baptism on Sunday, January 20.
Tucson March for Life
Pastors and members of congregations of the Arizona South Circuit joined in the Tucson March for Life on January 19. The day began with a service of Litany and Corporate Confession and Absolution led by Rev. Joshua Palmer of the Hold Fast Fellowship University of Arizona campus ministry and Catalina Lutheran Church, followed by the march, and concluded with a closing Vespers service led by Rev. Dr. Michael A. Morehouse, Senior Pastor at Catalina Lutheran Church and AZ-South Circuit Visitor. 
Chicago Area Pastors Celebrate MLK, Jr. Day
Chicagoland pastors joined together on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to celebrate his legacy and the freedom we all have in Christ. Following worship, pastors and lay leaders gathered to discuss mission in the City of Chicago. 
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Medina, OH

Twenty-six youths and adults from Prince of Peace, Medina, OH, met together for their Annual Winter Retreat. The theme was "MARKED" from Isaiah 49:16, "See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hand." There was a lot of snow but that didn't keep them from having a great weekend.
Our Saviour's Lutheran, Chatham, ON
Church council installation for 2019.
Hope Lutheran Church, Hastings, MN
Youth overnight with worship and fun.
In Our Schools
Redeemer Lutheran Church & School, Oakmont, PA
Gail Holzer, English District Executive, and Administrator of Redeemer Lutheran School, John Driscoll, RLHS Dean of Students, and several RLHS students with Rev. Gregory Seltz, at the LCMS Center for Religious Liberty after the Life March. Students also pictured with Synod President Rev. Harrison.
St. John's Lutheran Church, Hannibal, MO
Tree of Kindness where students are encouraged to identify friends who have gone out of their way to be kind, and add a heart to the tree in recognition.
Next Week is National Lutheran Schools Week!
J anuary 27- February 2
National Lutheran Schools Week provides the network of over 2,000 LCMS preschools, elementary schools and high schools with the public opportunity to proclaim and celebrate God’s work in Lutheran schools.

In this, Lutheran schools thank God for the opportunity to provide excellent academic preparation for the children they serve and for the opportunity to share Jesus’ amazing love with students and their families.
National Lutheran Schools Week gives schools the ability to proclaim these great blessings within the communities they serve. Lutheran schools are amazing incubators for faithful witness of God’s love through Christ by teachers and students alike.

“Real. Present. God.” is the theme for the 2019 National Lutheran Schools Week celebration. The associated scripture verse is Psalm 46 and schools are encouraged to pick a portion of the Psalm which applies specifically to their school!
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