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Servant to Servant
May 6, 2022
Divine Calls
Calls Received

The Rev. Kevin P. Belter (Rocky Mountain District) has received a divine call to serve as Sole Pastor of Messiah, Danville, CA.

The Rev. Timothy J. Droegemueller (Florida-Georgia District) has received a divine call to serve as Sole Pastor of St. John the Divine, Chicago, IL. 

Ministerial Candidate Daniel Gray has received a Divine Call to serve as Sole Pastor of Martin Luther Chapel, Pennsauken, NJ.

The Rev. Jacob R. Hercamp (Missouri District) has received a divine call to serve as Sole Pastor of All Saints, Slippery Rock, PA.

Ministerial Candidate Aaron A. Schultz has received a Divine Call to serve as Associate Pastor/Headmaster of Advent, Zionsville, IN.

Ministerial Candidate Samuel St. John has received a Divine Call to serve as Associate Pastor of Ascension, Tucson, AZ.
English District Gala, June 12, 2022
Did you attend last year’s Virtual Gala?
If so, we challenge you to invite one person in your congregation to the event this year! Invite them to attend the watch party or simply to watch from home. Word of mouth can promote the English District better than any flyer or email. Just invite one person! Perhaps they will spread the word about the good that our Endowment Fund can help provide to others!

To register to attend, please click here.
Evangelization Team
As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day again this year, church attendees may wonder why there are fewer moms in church after COVID. Certainly our “Thank You” to our moms, and our concern for all mother's wellbeing and their absence at church will fade too quickly. 

This week a young, working mother, Veronica Thames, shared these thoughts.
“As a Christian working mom, I don’t only look to my husband and my job to help me achieve better work-life balance; I also look to my church community. Within my church community, I’ve been able to make connections with other working mothers who understand just how hard it is to find time for oneself, including one’s faith, when responsibilities in the home and at work are piled high….. I can’t help but think that a lack of balance is one of the contributors. Personally, after especially hectic weeks—whether because of work or family—I am much more likely to forego attending church in order to grant myself more time and space to recharge before another busy week begins. This begs the question, if working mothers rarely have time for themselves throughout the week, then how are they to find time to be part of a church community? How can a church help support working mothers right now, providing space for them to be seen and nourished? How can ministries ensure that mothers are both being invested in and being given thoughtful opportunities to invest in church community?” Click here for Veronica’s insightful observations with a few ideas how you can make a difference in 2022.

May the Lord bless your day.
Virtual Conference for LSEM
All are welcome to attend the virtual conference for teachers presented by Lutheran Special Education Ministries. This unique, one-day event brings Christian teachers together in an online format for continuing education with amazing speakers and content. 
The theme this year is "With One Voice" based on Romans 15: 5-6: May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Please feel free to reach out to Rebecca Lichtenberg for questions or reach out to Marty Moro for sponsoring information.
LCMS Life Ministry
News and Notes: Life, Health & Family — Spring 2022
The Spring 2022 issue of LCMS Life Ministry’s News and Notes reminds us how we can care for mothers, babies, and their families after birth; discusses the term “Reproductive Rights”; and provides information on interacting with policymakers.

In addition to these important discussions, this issue also contains:
  • A reminder that voting is part of loving God and neighbor;
  • Photos of LCMS participation in local marches across the U.S.; and
  • Information on upcoming pro-life events, including a seminar on “Evangelizing the Lost Through Life Ministry” and a Walk for Life in St. Petersburg, FL.

Click here for the newsletter.
Convention Prayer Partners
Please encourage your congregation members, family and friends to sign up to be prayer partners for the Convention. We are seeking prayers for all aspects of the convention: safe travel, the business of the English District, elections, activities, discussions, theological presentations, fellowship and to celebrate the English District’s ministries and missions. Click here for sign up. Scroll down to choose a time slot and then lift the needs of our delegates, staff, clergy and convention in prayer.
Prayer Requests
The Bible's promise is true: "If we ask anything according to his will, he hears us" (1 John 5:14).

District daily prayers for May are located on our website.

Your prayer concerns are important to the English District. If you have a prayer request you would like shared in this newsletter, email the District office.
LCMS Foundation
Contact Ron Grimm, English District Planning Counselor 412-584-7039 or visit www.LCMSFoundation.org.
Contact Dan Lepley, DVP - English and SELC District Lutheran Church Extension Fund for more information at 317-402-9401.
In Our Churches
Peace in the Valley, Benson, AZ

The Arizona Lutheran Campus Ministry Society (ALCMS) recently put on a Mission Festival/Fundraiser event at Peace in the Valley Lutheran Church (PITV). Rev. Marcus Zill preached and taught Bible class and then a "Thank You BBQ (Brats/Burgers, the whole bit)" was served by the members of the ALCMS.

Thanks to ALCMS Board members Amy Tilley (Ascension-Tucson), Amanda Gluski (Fountain of Life-Tucson), Rev. Ron York (PITV-Benson), Ryan Kinney and Dave Seng (Catalina-Tucson), Bernie Gordon (Risen Savior-Green Valley), Kim Dill Fenderson (Faith-Tucson), and Rev. Isaac Wirtz (Mt. Olive-Tucson) who all participated and/or provided food.

Many thanks also to everyone at Peace in the Valley and other LCMS congregations in Southern Arizona for their ongoing support of campus ministry at the University of Arizona!

Is your church jealous? Well, they may still be recovering from this event for a while, and they can't do such things all the time, but someday they might be open to doing likewise at other Arizona churches. It is absolutely wonderful to visit other congregations and directly show appreciation for your partnership in campus ministry efforts! Thanks to one and all.
Calvary, Mechanicsburg, PA

On April 24, Calvary Lutheran Church baptized Gideon, the grandson of Rev. Thomas Engler, one of our District pastors in Wisconsin. Proud parents are Rev. Engler’s son and daughter-in-law, Abel & Morgan.
Trinity, Ocala, FL

Trinity Lutheran Church welcomed its newest member on May 1, 2022 as they celebrated the confirmation of Sophia with a laying on of hands during the worship service. 
In Our Schools
Holy Cross, Cleveland, OH

If you are learning about the pond, you have to include slimy, squirmies that live in the dirt!
Abounding Love, Lee's Summit, MO

Mr. Brad and our Pre-K gardeners were so excited to present Ms. Lisa with the plant they put together for Administrative Assistants Day. Thank you Ms. Lisa for all you do!
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