Love your neighbor as yourself 
Servant to Servant                                      7-13-2018

Convention highlights
Youth Delegates
This year, for the 2018 English District Convention, we had 11 Youth Delegates from Canada, Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. A big thank you to my team of leaders for leading this amazing group of teens: Pastor Adam Thompson from Fairlawn Lutheran in Fairlawn, OH, and Connie Crain from Peace Lutheran in McMurray, PA.
During the week our students had the opportunity to serve in Ann Arbor, MI at  MOST Ministries, which collects eyeglasses, refurbishes them with state-of-the-art equipment, and makes new prescription lenses to fit the refurbished frame. MOST Ministries sends the eyeglasses with missionary teams to third-world countries through their eyeglass ministry. Our youth had other opportunities to witness various parts of the delegation and convention, make lasting friendships, and share the love of Christ with others.
Thursday morning during the convention, the youth delegates led the devotion based off Luke 10, the Parable of the Good Samaritan. As we unpacked the convention theme, "Love your neighbor as yourself," the students developed and studied from Luke 10:29 this idea of, "who is my neighbor?"
It was a joy and privilege to be a part of a great team to lead our 11 youth delegates. We were able to share lasting memories and friendships, and give the teens the tools they need to mature in their faith, become leaders in their congregations, and reach out to their neighbor with the love of Christ.
In Christ Alone,
Jim Bretthauer
Director of Youth and Family Ministries
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Medina, OH
A Dollar for Missions
One dollar, per member, per week = 1-1-1!

The English District has launched a new model for funding missions to which every congregation is invited to participate. It is completely voluntary, but we believe that as God's people see and hear what is being accomplished, specifically and directly in support and development of new missions and enhancing existing missions, more and more of us will want to be involved.
It's simple. Very simple. It is NOT burdensome, nor sacrificial. It involves every baptized member of the Body of Jesus in your congregation, from the newest baby baptized to the oldest member. It demonstrates the power of the beautiful body of Christ working together, prompted by faith. It shows how much can be accomplished by many, giving little.
Here's the plan: $1/per baptized member/per week. Simple, right? Self-explanatory almost. Not burdensome, nor sacrificial. All can participate.  Click here for more information.
Questions? Contact Rev. Derek Mathers, Mission Executive, , or Rev. Justin Laughridge, Chair, Missions Council, at  

English District Blog
By Augusta R. Mennell

Campus ministry touches the lives of students, whether they attend college locally or thousands of miles from home. Through meals, a listening ear, socializing and Bible study, bonds are created. Often  the ministry plants seeds of faith. Sometimes the seeds bloom, and other times, they need a little extra care to take root. Here's a story about a student - years after graduation - and how Campus Ministry continues is mission.

This summer Chulsoon, a Korean alumnus of Slippery Rock University, PA, brought his wife, daughter, and son to see where he had gone to college and to see the Lutheran Student Center he had often visited. He thought it was going to be a trip down memory lane, but I believe that God intended it to be an opportunity for him to once again hear the Gospel that he had heard for several years, during our many discussions.

Augusta R. Mennell is the Campus Ministry Director at All Saints Lutheran Church and Student Center in Slippery Rock, PA. If you have a mission or ministry story you'd like to share, please submit for consideration via email to Lynne at
Helping others
The mission team from Redeemer Lutheran School, Oakmont, PA, headed to Texas where they helped fix homes. They also stopped by Lutheran South, the school they had collected supplies for after Hurricane Harvey.
Supporting troops
Packages4Patriots , a mission of Holy Spirit, Elk Grove Village, IL, received a thank you card from service members stationed in Kuwait:
Just received your package today. To say our shop was pleased is an understatement. They loved  everything. It was especially nice that the food was not able to be melted. You surely put some thought into what went into it before packing it up for Kuwait. Here's a picture of us. Thanks again and God bless you!
Sharing space
Hundreds of people took advantage of the grounds and facilities at Fairlawn Lutheran Church, Fairlawn, OH, to watch the annual fireworks show.
Sharing soles
Hope, Hastings, MN shoe drive, in conjunction with the LWML shoe drive with Funds2Orgs , was a great success. They surpassed their goal of 100 bags (114 bags with 25 pair of shoes in each), and as a result, were able to raise $1500 and support TLC of Hastings  and the  Lewis House 360 Communities
Feeding souls
Pilgrim, Kenmore, NY, hosted a wonderful community picnic. There were so many people that they had to set up extra tables and go out for more food - twice!

In our churches
Youth Leadership
English District Youth Leadership met at the National18 Church Worker Conference in Minneapolis, MN. There is a great group of leaders planning our District Event for the 2019 National Youth Gathering.
Rev. J. Derek Mathers, Assistant to the Bishop/Mission Executive, along with others, visited Concordia, St. Paul, MN. After dinner, they had their picture taken with the school mascot, 'Comet the Bear.'
Candidate Daniel Warner was ordained on July 6, 2018 at Shepherd of the Mountains, Pinetop, AZ. Following the ordination, Rev. Warner was installed as the new pastor of the congregation.The Rev. J. Derek Mathers officiated the service.
The ordination of Candidate Adam Michael Debner took place at Advent, Zionsville, IN, on June 30, 2018. Rev. Debner served his vicarage at Advent and has been called to serve as Assistant Pastor at Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Cupertino CA.
University of Arizona graduate student Shannon and his wife, Karissa, had their daughter, Mae, baptized at the Hold Fast Fellowship Center, Tucson, AZ, on June 30, 2018. 

Mackenzie Ann was baptized on July 1, 2018 at Peace, New Berlin, WI.


The beginning of July brought much joy to the saints at Redeemer, Oakmont, PA with baptisms and confirmations. Connor and Linda Hagey and Pastor and Bethanie Westgate had babies born within 24 hours of each other! Margaret was baptized on Sunday, July 1, and Judah was baptized Sunday, July 8. Sunday, July 1 was also confirmation day for four youth catechumens. Confirmands were Autumn Sprouse, Wendy Moore, and Hannah and Lucas Pugliese.


Special recognition
Rev. Paul Eggold was surprised when Peace, New Berlin, WI, recognized him for 55 years of service in the pastoral ministry. He along with all the other jubilarians in the English District were recognized at the district convention last month, but he was unable to be there. So instead of having the District simply mail his certificate to him, Bill (lay delegate) and Rev. Greg Michel decided to surprise him and his wife, Sue, with the presentation during a recent Sunday service.

A warm welcome!
On Thursday, July 12, 2018, Redeemer, Oakmont, PA welcomed back Rev. Dr. Edward Naumann (Assistant Pastor 2013-15), his wife Monica, and children. He has been a missionary/theological educator in Sri Lanka for the past two years. While there he was instrumental in opening a pre-seminary course, teaching evangelists/vicars to prepare them for ordination, providing continuing education for pastors in Sri Lanka, starting a Lutheran publishing house, reconstituting the Lutheran Church in Sri Lanka (Lanka Lutheran Church replaced by Ceylon Evangelical Lutheran Church), and renovating a church building! The family will be in the USA for a little more than a month.
Over 170 students attended Vacation Bible School at Beautiful Savior, Lee's Summit, MO, and were reminded that "when you are lonely...Jesus rescues!"

In our schools
Free to fly
From cocoon to release, students in summer school at Grace English, Chicago, IL, enjoy their time learning about butterflies.
Mickey Angerman was installed as the new principal of West Portal Lutheran School, San Francisco, CA, on Sunday, July 8, 2018.

English District Daily Prayer List for August
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Mission Grant Application
The English District is excited and honored to share in the mission of Jesus with you as part of our district. We celebrate and give thanks to God for your mission and ministry which is one of the many ways we love our neighbor.

Download this form to fill out a congregational evaluation and apply for a grant. Mission Grant Applications are due by August 1, 2018. Please return the application to the district office by mail, fax (248-476-0188) or email it to Rev. Derek Mathers.
Church Worker Debt Reduction Grants Available
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If you have any questions, please email Rev. Derek Mathers or call the district office at 248-476-0039.
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