Update on Haiti:

We are still monitoring the situation in Haiti, where a 7.2 earthquake struck early Saturday morning. As of this writing, the official death toll is more than 300 people. Unfortunately, we know that number will increase substantially as the hours and days go by.

One preventable reason the numbers will increase is the lack of clean water. As we have said before, the number of people who die in refugee areas from water-borne disease is always greater than those who died in the original disaster.

Our team is already coordinating with Sr. Larraine and our staff and our response is just beginning. Because the earthquake arrived on the weekend, we have been limited in reaching out to our corporate and other partners. But we are forging ahead and will be increasing our contacts on Monday morning.

Until then, on this Sunday, we ask for your continued prayers, and for your financial assistance, for those whose lives once again have been turned upside down. We appreciate those of you who made donations yesterday.

We will keep you up-to-date as we know more. As always, may God bless you for your generosity.
Saqr Naser, Caroline Bennett, and other volunteers helped spread the message of clean water for God's thirsty children at an event on the waterfront in Buffalo, New York.
Saqr and his team set up activities and games for children to draw visitors to their booth.
A 7th-Grader With a Desire to Change Lives

Saqr Naser's Project To Build Awareness and Raise Money for Clean Water

Saqr Naser is a remarkable 7th-grader. Originally from Yemen, he remembers having to carry water to his home for his then-pregnant mother, and recalls when an older girl fell and broke her elbow while helping him and other boys with the task.

So when he learned in his social studies class about how many people continue to lack access to clean water, he decided to do something about it.

“It made me feel disappointed to see how many people waste water, not realizing how many people have to drink dirty water with germs in it that can make them sick,” he said. “I saw kids smaller than me who were making a difference so I knew I could too.”

Working with his teacher, Caroline Bennett, he designed a PowerPoint presentation about the challenge of dirty water, then planned a fund raising event to benefit Water With Blessings and other water-providing nonprofit organizations.

The event on Buffalo, New York’s Canalside, was rained out on July 17, but when it was held on July 24 the attendance was outstanding.

“It was at a high-traffic area on the waterfront,” Caroline said. “Many people stopped by to check it out. We had a Water With Blessings filter that Saqr used with water from the waterfront to demonstrate how the system works. Some people sampled it. I told them: ‘You’re drinking Lake Erie right now.’
“It was a lot of fun. Saqr had a lot of great ideas. There was a ring-toss game, paints, and other activities kids would like to do. Then Saqr would say to the kids and parents: ‘Let’s talk about this issue.’ It was a way to draw people in to have these important conversations.”

Saqr liked the approach Water With Blessings takes in providing clean water to God’s thirsty children.

“They give people filters,” he said. “Then the Water Women in the village are able to help other families in the village have this clean water. It’s so important because if you drink dirty water it can give you disease, stomach pains – you could even die.”

The proceeds from the event and the other fund raising Saqr is doing will benefit the Water With Blessings efforts in Zambia.

Caroline noted that Saqr’s volunteer activity was not part of the curriculum.

“He came to me,” she said. “When he talked to me about his ideas, he was so passionate, he wanted to help. That inspired me to want to help too.

“Saqr said to me: ‘Thank you, you’re helping make my dream come true.’ That is so wonderful, that his dream was not for himself, but for other people. I’m very proud of him.”
Saqr (in the center) stands with two of his friends who were also raising money for clean water. He is pictured below with his teacher, Caroline Bennett.
This is the flyer for Saqr's Fundraiser for Zambia.

You can support Saqr's initiative to bring clean water to Zambia, just text SaqrCleanWater to 41444 or click the button below.
Hear More About Saqr and Zambia On This Week's Coffee Chat

Sr. Larraine will talk with Saqr and about our work in Zambia on this week's Coffee Chat. So grab your favorite beverage, log in, and join us this Friday at Noon eastern time. We look forward to seeing you.
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