Current Opportunities
The following opportunities are just a portion of all the openings available on the Office of Volunteer Ministries database. To view all opportunities, click here.
1st and 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant, ASAP-Jun 1, 2023, Saipan SDA Elementary School, Saipan
2nd Grade Teacher, ASAP-Jun 1, 2023, Ebeye SDA School, Marshall Islands
4th-6th Grades Teacher, ASAP May 31, 2023, Laura SDA Elementary School, Marshall Islands
5th Grade Teacher, ASAP-May 31, 2023, Yap SDA School, Micronesia
6th Grade Teacher, ASAP-May 31, 2023, Pohnpei SDA School, Micronesia
7th-12th Grades History Teacher, ASAP-Jun 1, 2023, Ebeye SDA School, Marshall Islands
7th-12th Grades Social Studies Teacher, ASAP-May 31, 2023, Chuuk SDA School, Micronesia
Child Development Center Assistant Teacher, ASAP-Jun 1, 2023, Saipan SDA Elementary School, Saipan
EFL Instructor/Tutor, ASAP-Dec 31, 2023, Zaoksky Adventist University, Russia
Elementary School Teacher/Music Teacher/Bible Worker, ASAP-Dec 31, 2023, East Bolivia Mission,
German/Music Teacher/Bible Worker, ASAP-Dec 31, 2022, East Bolivia Mission, Bolivia
Health/Physical Education Teacher, ASAP-May 31, 2023, Delap SDA School, Marshall Islands
High School Science Teacher, ASAP-May 31, 2023, Pohnpei SDA School, Micronesia
Kindergarten Teacher, ASAP-May 31, 2023, Laura SDA Elementary School, Marshall Islands
Kindergarten Teacher, ASAP-May 31, 2023, Yap SDA School, Micronesia
Media/Graphics/Maintenance, ASAP-Dec 31, 2022, Tranquility Valley Retreat Center, United States
Office Assistant Registrar, ASAP-Jun 1, 2023, Saipan SDA Elementary School, Saipan
Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Teacher, ASAP-May 30, 2023, Kosrae SDA School, Micronesia
Photo Collage: KOSRAE, by Dylan Waters
One of many beautiful views of Kosrae
5th graders Maksin and Tiana are really excited to be working on their egg drop science project. 
I wood burned a sign, with all of my students' names on it, to keep for memories.
Dylan Waters was the 7th-11th grades computer/PE teacher at the Kosrae SDA School.
Since no jewelry is allowed at the school, students get creative. Here is Meuser showing off his salamander ear ornament.
Waterfall hikes with the other Student Missionaries provided some much-needed relaxation and fun away from school. Left to Right: Me, Jordan, and Kelsay.
Students Annesha (11th grade) and Kokok (11th grade) love to take selfies on my phone.
Volunteer Poll
What are your 3 greatest fears as you prepare to serve?
1. Coping with the new life.

2. Missing my home church and members.

3. Inability to serve as expected. (I do not think this is the case. Lol!)

Vincent Kibet Rotich,
Ebeye SDA School
Ebeye, Marshall Islands 
1. Classroom management. I've taught students one-on-one music lessons, but I've never been in charge of a whole classroom before. It's quite scary! :)

2. Not being able to say no! Prayerful communication with God will help me know when to say no.

3. Not being prepared. Through God's help, He will guide me on how to prepare to serve Him in a foreign land.

Anna Flores
Mauna Loa School
Hilo, Hawaii
1. Being away from home for a year.

2. Not having the knowledge or resources to successfully teach.

3. Not knowing anyone else in advance.

Kiley Allen
Yap SDA School
Yap, Micronesia
Reaching out to NAD
By Ernest Hernandez

Our office is entering a very exciting time of ministry. Within the next few weeks, the Office of Volunteer Ministries will be making several (and bold) organizational changes. Five years ago we made a commitment to reach North America with a strong missionary presence. We are keeping that promise. We will be preparing to assist many urban centers of influence and collaborating with our universities, conferences and evangelistic efforts; offering training of missionaries, marketing support and recruiting for positions inside our home territory.

In addition, we are also seeing more and more trip organizers start to create accounts in the MTC short-term mission trip connector. Praise God!! If you haven’t had a chance to get acquainted with this tool, please click on the short two-minute video for a quick overview of the benefits available through the MTC to trip organizers and conferences.

As we continue to reach out to the world, the Lord has opened a huge door of ministry for us. Going forward, our missionaries, young and not so young, are boldly answering the call to reach out to the North American Division.
Ernest Hernandez is the Director of the North American Division Office of Volunteer Ministries.
What do you have in your hand?
By Gladys Guerrero
“Then the Lord said to him, ‘What is that in your hand?’ ‘A staff,’ he replied,” Exodus 4:2, NIV.
I imagine the room was cold and dark as she was trying to hide her two sons from the debtors. Her husband had just passed away leaving her alone in a patriarchal society where women were just property without the right to any inheritance, except for pity from the community. But she was not that kind of a woman, no! She rose up and went to the prophet Elisha and brought up her woes to him, claiming her dead husband’s fear of the Lord as her defense. And then the question from Elisha came, “What do you have in your house?” to which she replied, “Your servant has nothing there at all,… except a small jar of olive oil” 2 Kings 4:2 And armed with her faith and that jar of oil, she was able to pay the debtors and save her family.

Many times, in our places of service, we feel hopeless when confronting situations. We lose sleep going over scenarios and possible solutions. We constantly ask ourselves what we can do differently or if there’s anything we can do. When in this situation, there are certain things that we can learn from this nameless widow.

First, she asked help from God. She went to the servant of God and cried out to him. She knew God was the only one who could help her and as Elisha was His servant, she went to him.

Secondly, she offered the only thing she had. She didn’t know what that oil could do to help the situation, but it was all she had, and she gave it. What are the things you possess in your hands? What are the resources, the networks, the skills the Lord has given you that could be used by God to solve the problem at hand? That special thought that just popped into your head as you read this, could be the key to God’s great miracle in your situation.

And thirdly, she obeyed. Even if she didn’t understand the request, even if she didn’t know what was going to happen or what the neighbors were going to think of her request for jars, she followed the instructions as given. And the miracle happened!
God has chosen you for this work of service to him. If he has chosen you, he will begin to work with what you already have if you put it at His disposal. If you doubt, think about David with only a sling and five stones, and Moses with only a staff. Don’t focus on yourself and what you don’t have, but God as your greatest resource and then look at what God has already given you that He can use. God can turn crisis into opportunities. You only must believe! As you minister in your place of service, you may feel incompetent for the task before you at times. I encourage you not to focus on what you can’t do. Assess your resources, dedicate them to God and go forward in faith. Remember that faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible in order to receive the impossible because it is founded on God, your provider. So, what is in your hand?
Prayer: "Father God! Here I stand with open palms, offering You my life. Help me see the resources you have already provided for me to tackle the challenges before me. Then help me to surrender to you and obey your desire for me. I am in Your hands! In the name of Jesus, amen!"
Gladys Guerrero works in the North American Division Office of Volunteer Ministries as the Long-Term Volunteer Processing Assistant. 
Photo credit: Melchior Damu