Guidelines for Medicaid Billing
Keep you Caseload Current

All providers that log their direct care services should keep their caseloads current in the Service Portal.  You can update students on your caseload by selecting "manage caseload" in the upper right corner of the Service Portal screen.  Choose to see all students in your district or only students on your caseload.  If you need to remove a student from your caseload and they do not have a current IEP, you may need to un-select "show active students only."  Removing a student from your caseload does not take them out of the system.

If a student exits a district or no longer needs an IEP, please let Lisa at SWMSS know by emailing the student's initials, date of birth, and a brief note of explanation.  We like to keep the Service Portal IEP student list current.  A student can be made not-active in the system, but all of their records remain stored indefinitely.
We are required to keep student information confidential

Email is not considered HIPAA or FERPA compliant for sharing student information.  Please do not email student names, school information, or documents with this information attached. 

You can fax documents to 406-522-6090 or use ShareFile to encrypt documents.  Thank you for keeping student information safe!

You are awesome at what you do
Make sure to log your services. 

If you don't log your services, your district or coop doesn't get Medicaid reimbursments.  If you need help with the portal, please email the SWMSS office for help with passwords and other questions.  We can also set up a personalized training where we can utilize a shared screen to help with logging services. 

If you need to log services for a student that isn't in the system, please fill out the Student Information Sheet and fax it to the SWMSS office.  You can also use the ShareFile link.  Students must have an active IEP before they can be added to the Service Portal.

Need a Little Logging Help?
We have a manual for that

Logging services in the portal takes a little practice.  If you are new to logging services or want to explore the manual, please choose from the following:

Bookmark the Service Portal   The Client ID is SWMSS.