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Guidelines for Medicaid Billing
Personal Care Services

Paraprofessionals can log Personal Care Services for Medicaid eligible students in the Service Portal.  These services should be included in a student's IEP and match what is included in  a student's Child Profile Form.  The Child Profile form is signed by a physician and needs to be updated yearly.

Daily living services include dressing, grooming, toileting, transferring, ambulation, eating, exercise, and bus escort.  Definitions for each of these services is included in the link above.  Please ask if you need help with determining whether a service should be included on the Child Profile Form.
A Daily Activity Log should be filled out, signed, and saved in the student file for 6.25 years.  This form is also helpful when logging personal care services to the Service Portal.  You can download the Daily Activity Log here

We are required to keep student information confidential

Email is not considered HIPAA or FERPA compliant for sharing student information. 
Please do not email student names, school information, or documents with this information attached. 

You can fax documents to 406-522-6090 or use ShareFile to encrypt scanned documents.  Thank you for keeping student information safe!

You are awesome at what you do
Make sure to log your services. 

The end of the school year is approaching quickly, but I doubt you need me to remind you!  Please make sure to add your remaining service logs during the next month. 
Logs can be added to the service portal for up to 12 months after the service.  If you enter a therapy log in the service portal within 90 days of the service, no additional documentation needs to be retained.  If a service is added after 90 days, make sure you keep documentation of the service in the student file in case of an audit.

If you need to log services for a student that isn't in the system, please fill out the Student Information Sheet and fax it to the SWMSS office.  You can also use the ShareFile link.  Students
must have an active IEP before they can be added to the Service Portal.