Guidelines for Billing
The answer is in the IEP

Providers can enter billable and non-billable services in the Service Portal.  The IEP will tell a provider what services a student is receiving, how often they should be receiving each service, and other specifics including IEP expiration.  If actual services are consistently different from those prescribed in an IEP, it is time to amend the IEP.

Consultations are not billable.  Evaluations for new students cannot be billed until an IEP is finalized.  Our system regularly checks for Medicaid eligibility.  Some districts have providers log services for all students. 
Services for Medicaid eligible students should be logged the same as for non-eligible students. 

For more information about non-billable logs, please download guidelines and instructions here.
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Make sure to log your services.  
If you don't add your logs in the Service Portal, your district doesn't get reimbursed for Medicaid eligible services.  Try entering logs on a consistent day or set a calendar reminder to add your services in the portal.  Please email the SWMSS office for help with passwords and other questions. 

If you need to log services for a student that isn't in the system, please fill out the Student Information Sheet and fax  it to the SWMSS office.  You can also send me this form using the secure Share File link.  Students must have an active IEP before they can be added to the Service Portal.

Need a Little Logging Help?
Expect to spend a little extra time at first

Logging services in the portal takes a little practice.  If you are new to logging services or want to see the updated manual, please choose from the following:
At the beginning of 2018, the Service Portal website changed.  Make sure to bookmark  The Client ID is SWMSS.