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Guidelines for Medicaid Billing
The answer is in the IEP

Providers can enter billable and non-billable services in the Service Portal.  The IEP will tell a provider what services a student is receiving, if a student has personal care services, how often they should be receiving each service, and other specifics including IEP expiration. School Services of Montana does not have access to student IEPs.  It is the provider's responsibility to make sure that billable logs added to the Service Portal are valid.

Consultations are not billable.  Evaluations for new students cannot be billed until an IEP is finalized.  Our system regularly checks for Medicaid eligibility.  Each district decides if providers will log services for all students or just those bolded in the Service Portal. 
Services for Medicaid eligible students should be logged the same as for non-eligible students. Use the NoProc Non-billable logs for students that don't have valid signed IEPs but are receiving direct care services.

Logging Provider Services
Non-Billable Logs

Providers can add comments that are not part of a student service log in the Service Portal.  If an IEP has not been finalized, a non-bIllable log should be created to document a service.  A non-billable log will not be sent to DPHHS for reimbursement, but remains in the student online records. 

Non-Billable logs are created using the Service Log Wizard.  Instead of choosing a service code, choose NoProc-NonBillable from the drop-down menu.  Notes can then be added in the comments section.  A detailed explanation of how to create a non-billable log can be found here.
A student with a Medicaid number will show as bold in the Service Portal.  You should use the service code and not a non-billable log for non-Medicaid students with IEP directed services.  This will allow services to be reimbursed should eligibility change.

Progress Reports
Progress notes should summarize the service comments and indicate the student's progress toward medical status, IEP goals, and changes in treatment plans with rationale for change.  Choose the Progress Report option from the drop-down menu to enter your notes.  Progress reports are considered non-billable and will remain in the student online records for future reference.

Missing Student?
Fill out the Student Information Sheet
Fill out a Student Information Sheet  to add a student to the Service Portal.  We have made the form fillable so you can now type in the information needed to add a student to the Portal.  You can still print out a blank form and fill it in.  To remain HIPAA and FERPA compliant, please don't send the completed form as an email attachment.

In some districts, the completed form is given to the Special Education office to send to School Services of Montana. You can also fax the form to the SSoM office or use the ShareFile link.  Students must have an active IEP before they can be added to the Service Portal.  The SSoM office frequently receives the form without a student State ID#.  The CompuClaim system will not allow us to add a student without this number.