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The Client ID is Montana 

Oops!  How to Fix a Logging Error
Use the Edit Service Log Wizard
It is easy to delete or change a log in the Service Portal.  You can find logs that have yet to be exported under the Edit Student Service Log Wizard  When you enter the Edit Wizard, click on Search to see your most recent logs.  Select Edit or Delete next to the log to make changes to an individual log. Notify the School Services of Montana office if there is an error on a log that has already exported to DPHHS.

You can also delete a non-billable log, note or absence from the Service Log Wizard. Select the student and choose a date from the same month as the error on the calendar.  The next screen will take you to the service type screen where you would record an absence.  At the bottom of this screen is a list of the service logs and non-billable notes and absences for the student.  Click on the trash can next to the record you wish to delete.

Service Portal Security Update
Coming on February 1, 2020

CompuClaim is ending support for older browsers that use TLS versions 1.0 & 1.1 to connect to the  Service Portal. If you are currently using an up-to-date browser, this update will have no effect on you. 

Browsers Impacted by this Update:
  • Chrome v22 or older
  • Firefox v27 or older
  • Internet Explorer 11 or older (TLS 1.1 is enabled by default)
  • Safari v7 or older
  • Edge
If you are using one of the web browsers mentioned above, we recommend that you update your browser to its most recent version.  Click here for more information on how to update your TLS settings/rules for all of your browsers. 

Thank you for Logging Your Services
Our manuals make the process easier

If you are new to logging services or need to reference the most recent Service Portal Manual, please choose from the following:

Do you have a secure password?  You can change your password by selecting My Account in the upper corner of the Service Portal next to your name.