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The Client ID is Montana

Guidelines for Medicaid Billing
Group Services

If you are a therapist that provides group services, there is a great shortcut you should be using to enter services in the Service Portal.  This tool will save you time when the students in your group are similar each week.  Check out directions on how to create a group here and make sure you also set up goals and objectives for each student as described below.  Logging group services just got a lot easier!

Student Goals and Objectives

Providers can save Goals and Objectives so that they do not need to be copied and pasted with each service log.  This is a great tool to use when you take advantage of logging group sessions as described above.  It will also come in handy when you can't prefill goals from a previous log.  I think you are going to like it!  Check out the details here.

Keep student information confidential

Email is not considered HIPAA or FERPA compliant for sharing student information.

Please do not email student names or documents with student information attached. If you need to email about a specific student, the student initials and date of birth are all that is needed to look up student records in the Service Portal.

You can fax documents to 406-522-6090 or use ShareFile to encrypt scanned documents.  Thank you for keeping student information safe!

Something has changed...
We are no longer SWMSS

Our organization name has changed to School Services of Montana.  We provide services all over the state of Montana, and we want our name to reflect this.  If you still like to keep our name short, SSoM works just fine.  We also got a cool new logo which you will begin to see on all of the Service Portal materials.  If you want to learn more about School Services of Montana, visit our website.

When you log into the Service Portal, please use Montana for the Client ID as SWMSS will not work.

If you need to log services for a student that isn't in the system, please fill out the Student Information Sheet and fax it to the SSoM office.  You can also use the ShareFile link.  Students
must have an active IEP before they can be added to the Service Portal.