The slimming session uses thermal shock to initiate fat cell death. During a slimming session, you will experience a localized warming sensation, followed by a sub-zero massage. Once the fat cells have cooled to 17 °C cell death has been initiated, the fat cells will convert to cellular debris, to be cycled through the lymphatic system over the following fifteen days. You may see some immediate “slimming”, this is in most cases tension of the session area due to sub-zero exposure. It is important to remember that it takes fifteen days to complete an entire cycle and therefore results will improve over the 2 weeks following the session. In addition, it is important to explain that the average person will see optimal results after 3-6 sessions Before starting any sessions, you cannot have the following conditions: are pregnant, have extreme sensitivity to cold, have cancer, have Raynaud’s Disease (local numbness/coldness due to poor circulation), or are a poorly controlled diabetic.
Areas we can treat: Submental Fat (double chin), Arms, Thighs and Abdomen. Sessions take approximately 28 minutes to complete.

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