This week we have Service Sundays on site at St. David's between 3:30 and 5:30 with the nonprofit, It Takes a Village Baby.

What an amazing Reach Talent Show and Silent Auction! Thank you to everyone who participated and especially Jae Mitchell for pulling it all together!

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Service Sundays
This Sunday, March 24, between 3:30 and 5:30 in the Adult Education Room, we will host our March Service Sundays with It Takes a Village Baby. Many parents in our area are unable to provide some basic necessities for their children which are expensive, such as diapers. We will help put together packages for distribution to moms and dads in Loudoun. If you need hours for school, you will earn 2 hours signed either by the representative or Fr. Will.
College Acceptance and Church Attendance
It is that time of year when colleges will send the letters out. This article looks at the sometimes anxiety-filled process and we are all too familiar coming from such a competitive area. Where does church come in?

March 24 Serving and Beyond
This weekend, March 23 and 24, the Confirmation Class will serve in all of the positions in the church services. We ask youth and parents to especially support them that weekend and invite more youth to participate. In addition, we would love to have youth widely represented on March 31 when the Bishop comes. Let's see if we can have a youth participate in every role. To sign up.
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