Best Practices for ripping random width lumber and creating a good glue joint 

Ripping of random width lumber to create part blanks and stave material for wood products has for many years been accomplished using straight-line (single blade) rip saws. 

When production demands outgrow the capabilities of a single straight-line rip saw, manufacturers have two options: they can add more straight-line rip saws, with additional labor required, or upgrade to a gang rip saw. 

Regardless of the type of saw, it is critical that the gang rip saw be in good condition and adjusted properly for successful glue joint production. Feed works must have a flat and true surface and the means for captivation - friction, spikes and knurling - must be suitable for proper material containment. 

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Trouble Shooting Common Dovetailer Issues 

Operator Screen Does Not Power Up
  • Check the circuit breakers. Reset any circuit breakers that have blown.


Dovetailer will not attempt to "HOME"

  • Is the E-stop is pulled? Check all E-stops to make sure that they are pulled out.
  • Is there a circuit breaker tripped? Reset.
  • Is there a bad connection? Check all connectors. 
Dovetailer attempts to home but does not find home
  • Check the operation of the proximity switches, possibly the home or limit switches Adjust or replace the defective switches
  • Axis began with limit switch on? Manually adjust the axis off of the limit switch.
Spindle motor fails to start
  • Check for proper air pressure to the machine. 
  • Has the motor overload been tripped? Reset.  
  • Has the spindle motor been disabled in the software? If the red light on the top black output device, #7, is off, then the spindle has been disabled.
Dovetailer will not run the routine 
  • Is an E-stop pushed in? Pull out all the E-stops.
  • Is the spindle motor off? Start the spindle motor.
  • Is the wrong photo-eye being activated? Check whether the machine is in Sides or Front/Backs mode.
  • Are the photo-eyes not seeing the part? Clean the photo-eyes (PE F/B) and if this doesn't solve the problem then adjust and/or replace the photo-eyes.
Operator screen won't accept input
  • Is there a communications error? Restart the power up sequence.
Clamps are not activating
  • Is the air pressure correct? Connect and/or adjust the air pressure.
  • Is there a problem with the photo-eyes (#1-5)? Clean, adjust or replace the photo-eyes.
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