August 08-06- 2018
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Service Spotlight
CFM recently held and co-hosted an entrepreneurial workshop on July 28, 2018. Participants were interested in starting and running a business, as well as learning some new skills and techniques that would be helpful. Base on workshop evaluations the participant reaction showed 27.2% had no clue about starting a business while 22.7% had discussed the idea, but never moved forward because they were unaware (32%) of where to go and find information. Here are a few suggested readings you may find helpful from audience questions. Ralph Welborn’s Strategic Jujitsu: New Business Model for Early Stage Entrepreneurs and Steve Blank’s Lean Strartup Model
The above panel included: Ron L. Shamwell, CCP & CEO of CFM, Kitty Dior, CCP's Start-UP Program, Steve Lember, Vice Chair, Score, and James Roundtree, Former Director of MBEC (City of Philadelphia).
Digital Technology
According to Fredrik Soderlindh (2019) of trainingzone indicates “ recent advancements in digital technology mean we have more options than ever before when it comes to L&D tools, but senior management remains skeptical about their application. A change in our learning culture is what’s needed to push forward.” What Fredrik is alluding to is a cultural matter, a shift in behavior and organizational norms to meet 21 st -century training challenges, learners require “more innovative training that uses social media, VR or  gamification techniques  that deliver resources in a friendly and flexible way.” Read more
Mobile learning
Interactive mobile learning apps are transforming business and education landscapes. According to Anubha Goel (2018) “the influence of technology on training organizational workforce has been huge for the past few years. New-age learners are increasingly using engaging mobile apps to meet their training needs without any hassle of going anywhere.: Read more using mobile apps aids anytime, anywhere access, makes learning flexible, , and meets diverse learning needs
Jason Dobbs, Director of Sales at PGI indicates “The future of business is already here. Don’t get left behind.” Shares an eBook you can download from You have to provide email, name, company, and country, so review and see if it works for you! If it does you can download the Future of Business Collaboration eBook.
Motivation is a key to learning because it provides “ the reason or reasons one has
for acting or behaving in a particular way” that can be used as a tool to drive
learning performance. Laura Jacobi (2018), Minnesota State University asked,
while writing an article for the Journal of Educators Online , what motivates students in the online communication classroom? She use
self-determination theory to help answer the proposed question. Read more
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