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I am pleased to inform you of the launch of our new affiliate, Servicers Compliance Group. Back

We want to offer a cost-effective compliance solution to servicers. Over the years, mortgage servicers have had only their competitors, associations, various publications, and rather expensive professional firms to turn to for compliance guidance. That era has now ended with the advent of Servicers Compliance Group

Just like years ago when we answered the need for lenders to retain cost-effective mortgage risk management, we are now answering the same need on the part of mortgage servicers. We also responded to the needs of mortgage brokers when we established Brokers Compliance Group

Our view is that establishing Servicers Compliance Group and making it affordable brings servicers the kind of reliable and expert guidance that is needed to comply with new and existing laws, policies, procedures, and operations, involving the servicing of residential mortgage loans.

We have the people, resources, and expertise to provide servicers with the kind of care and attention that they expect.   
President and Managing Director 

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LENDERS COMPLIANCE GROUP is the first full-service, mortgage risk management firm in the United States specializing exclusively in outsourced mortgage compliance and offering a full suite of services in residential mortgage banking for banks and non-banks. We are pioneers in outsourcing solutions for residential mortgage compliance. We offer our clients real-world, practical solutions to mortgage compliance issues, with an emphasis focused on operational assessment and improvement, benchmarking methodologies, Best Practices, regulatory compliance, and mortgage risk management.
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