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Jason Lomelino is the lead pastor of Isla Vista church in California. His heart is to see lives transformed and changed by demonstrating who God is through power and love. For over 10 years now, Jason and his wife, Holly, have lived in the city of Isla Vista, a city adjacent to UCSB that contains over 20,000 people in one square mile. He is the grateful father of four amazing young children and many children spiritual children in the city. His prayer for the last decade has been that Jesus would be made famous in both Isla Vista and the nation.

Jason is also author of a new book called Jesus Burgers. Jesus Burgers tells the story of 25 lives and how they collided in Isla Vista, and in famous party town adjacent to the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Jesus Burger Book Image Sharing the love and hope of Jesus through a simple hamburger is what Jesus Burgers is all about. Isla Vista church, a family of believers, mostly college students and young adults, has gathered weekly for over a decade now to serve burgers to hundreds of partiers walking down the street full of house parties. The city has come not only to know and appreciate this ministry but also to see many lives that have been transformed through Jesus Christ as a result of it.

Join us This Tuesday morning as we learn how to impact and influence the Marketplace in the most common of ways as serving someone a burger  with the love of Christ.


Believer's Edge meets at, 36 East Victoria Street, Santa Barbara, every Tuesday morning from 6:30am to 7:45am. See you there! 




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