Nov. 16,

No. 146

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Social Media Watch

In place of our usual weekly readings we bring you the official Weibo account of China's Sesame Credit system ( @芝麻信用) which contains recommendations for profiting from a high Sesame Credit score.
Credit to the ever-fantastic What's On Weibo
俗语 in Xi Jinping's Speeches

gǎn tiān dòng dì
Meaning: deeply affecting, deeply moving

Xi Jinping apparently used this idiom on November 13 at the National Museum, while visiting the exhibition on 40 years of reform and opening. His speech traced familiar contours of the sacrifices of the Chinese people, the importance of the leadership of the Party, and the ongoing need for unity of thought and unwavering belief in the Party's blueprint for the future.

Original: 他强调,改革开放40年来, 在中国共产党坚强领导下,中国人民艰苦奋斗、顽强拼搏, 用双手书写了国家和民族发展的壮丽史诗,中华大地发生了感天动地 的伟大变革

Radio Spotlight

Instead of our usual documentary recommendation, this week we want to highlight a large collection of radio broadcasts from Xinhua. These are a good way to keep your 听力 sharp. The topics of the broadcasts vary, as does the quality. One place to start is 第一时间 , a long-form show that covers everything from health problems in 5-star hotels, to Brexit, to art.

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