2022 Session Is Over!
Bills That Went Our Way This Week
The Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act
Thank you for making calls and sending emails to your representatives! After three long years, VCAP finally passed! SB184 (VCAP) is a bill that protects gender dysphoric children from harmful, experimental, drug therapies and surgeries for the sole purpose of changing their sexual appearance until they are 19 years of age. More VCAP info and roll call votes here. But it's not across the finish line yet...the Governor has 10 days to sign this bill or else it dies via a "pocket veto". The opposition will be working hard for a pocket veto. Please take 30 seconds to contact the Governor's office and urge her to sign SB184. Call 334-242-7100 or email her here.
Bathroom/Locker Room Bill
HB322 was passed by 75% of the Alabama legislature. It requires that K-12 students may only use the restroom or locker room of the sex that is on his/her original birth certificate. This bill also prohibits the teaching of sexual orientation or gender identity in grades K-5.
Election Bill-Prohibits "Zuckerbucks"
The HB194 passed 72-28. “Today is a great day for Alabama voters,” Rep. Wes Allen said. “No individual or group should be able to purchase the equipment that operates our elections. Nobody should be able to buy the ballots or to pay the salaries of election officials. Today’s vote was a major step to ensuring that never happens in any future Alabama election.”
The State Auditor's Office Stays In Place
SB38 was a bill to eliminate the Constitutional office of the State Auditor. The state auditor is charged with maintaining inventory of state property and making appointments to each county board of registrars. We believe that this is an important office that provides transparency and accountability to the people and we are glad to see the bill failed.
State Health Officer
SB255 would have ensured that the SHO's orders could not be issued until a state of emergency was declared by the governor. The SHO has not issued mandates outside of the Governor's emergency orders thus far. This bill did not address the fundamental problem of SHO having too much power over citizens and business in Alabama. There needs to be a thoughtful, systemic overhaul to public health establishment in Alabama. https://1819news.com/news/item/alabama-state-health-officer-answers-only-to-medical-profession-not-the-people-04-08-2022.

Bills That Didn't Go Our Way This Week
Banning Critical Race Theory (CRT)

HB312 would prohibit the teaching of divisive concepts in K-12 schools and government agencies. We supported this bill. It passed the House 65-32 but Senate leadership refused to bring it to the floor for a vote. That is a shame!

Mental Health Counselors in the Schools
HB123 requires each local board of education and independent school system in the state to employ a mental health service coordinator. We opposed this bill. Schools should be places to learn academics and not mental health indoctrination. Social emotional learning (SEL) is introduced to students outside of parents' knowledge or permission under the guise of "mental health". Sen. Givhan was successful in getting an amendment added that requires permission from parents to opt their children into the program. However, in the Conference Committee, the sponsor Rep. Ledbetter watered down the amendment so that children 14 or older do not need parental consent. He also added a provision that would allow counselors to bypass parental consent at any age. (See page 3, lines 14-19)

See our Week 6 Update for more info about SEL.

Unborn Unprotected From Marijuana
SB324 would have protected unborn babies from exposure to THC from marijuana. It was common-sense bill was introduced in time to pass both chambers, but Senate leadership refused to allow this bill to move forward.

Doctor/Patient Bill Stalled
SB312 would have prohibited an occupational licensing board from taking adverse action against a physician who recommends a COVID-19 treatment that is not FDA-approved if the patient consented to the treatment. Once again Senate leadership prevented this bill from moving forward.
River Region Candidate Fair

WHEN: Tuesday, April 19th from 6:00-8:00PM

WHERE: Wetumpka Civic Center, 410 S Main St, Wetumpka

DETAILS: Meet the candidates! Eagle Forum’s free event is set up like a “Job Fair” and you get to “interview” the candidates for local and statewide offices. Bring your friends and family and speak face-to-face with the candidates who are trying to win your vote.  
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